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A Moment of Happiness
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The restaurant where I am having a dinner is so
luxurious. Jazzy music and sophisticated people
make up my evening to be just perfect and just
as I have been always dreaming about. A
mysterious woman is sitting right in front of me
on the table for couples. I don’t see her face, but
I know that she is beautiful as the purest
diamond. “You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest,
and the most beautiful person I have ever known
– and even that is an understatement,” I say in
my mind, quoting one of my favorite writers – F.
Scott Fitzgerald. I know she hears whatever I say
in my mind. Seems like we can speak without
saying words out loud. She doesn’t say a word in
reply. She smiles and even that is worth the
whole galaxy. I see nothing, but her smile and
bright, red dress, that fits her perfectly. And, oh
my God, the smell. I feel the smell of her and it
is better than the smell of freshly mown lawn, a
thousand of the freshest flowers, and air in
Siberia in winter. The smell is familiar for me;
only one woman that I’ve met before smells like
that, and that woman makes me lose my mind.
No other women exist for me when she is near
me. But…I don’t remember who she is. A little
thought comes to my mind, like a stranger in my
head whispers, “Look at the window…” I do look
there and I see that it is raining hard. Seems like
millions of souls are crying in the sky and the
tears drop on our earth. The clouds don’t seem
like clouds; it is more like a battalion of dark
knights, dressed all in black, are rushing on the
battle. But I forget about the storm that’s going
on outside. I feel her calling me. I turn back to
the woman and see the brightest angel. She still
is silent; I am still in love.
Suddenly, everything vanishes. The restaurant
just falls apart. The music stops. I am in panic,
looking for her – the one who warms my heart,
who makes me happy. But she is not here
anymore. In a second I lose the meaning of my
life. But what is going on?
I start seeing something…
It is almost morning – like 5 am; I have no idea
of time, but I assume. I am in my black
crossover, driving calmly and enjoying every
second of that moment. New York City looks
beautiful at that time, as I am observing from
the bridge. Roads are unusually empty, just a
couple cars are going ahead of me. I look to the
right from me and see the sun; it’s orange and
it’s rising. The reflection in the water
comfortably blinds me. It’s beautiful I think. I
look to the left. I still see the last row of the
dark knights, but they are galloping away – away
from me, away from my life. “Where is the
woman?” I pondered for a second. “I don’t know
your face, I don’t know your name… But you
made me happy for a moment. Thanks…” I
whisper out loud and everything gets black. In a
microsecond the bridge just broke apart, my car
just disappeared and I see myself flying in free
space, which is darker than The Lord of
Darkness. I start feeling my body: my hands and
fingers feel something heavy on it. The legs and
feet, however, feel something soft on them. I
hear my heart beating with a normal rhythm. I
open my eyes. I feel my head on the pillow, and
my hands are under it. A bedspread covers my
body, legs and feet. “It was just a dream…– ” I
I finally wake up, getting back to reality. I come
to the window and see that rain is coming; dark-
grey clouds are not far…I suddenly remember – I
remember who she is…
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