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Story begins with three friends addie,samu childhood buddies had crash on girl vintina but she says that already I have boy friend,so please leave me then went away there dev was third friend who loved her since childhood but wen he came to know that she s already he stayed away from her.5years later one breez sunday evening dev was standing unfornaty vintina saw him after few years they came to touch days passed fastlly she tells him that im sorry then he,asked why ? She said actually in our schoolings allin propsed me I rejected but he went to commit suicide was in hospital serious then I said I love you bcose to save him their parents begged me a lot but after few days I realized said him I love some1 and came away from him then only I came to talk to you but yours friends said dont want I was speechless went heartbroken but I know you love me very much dev becose since childhood I knw you what you say think and she went away .... Next day dev sented her text telling I love you very much, both fell on love taught its was attraction but its true love ,texting,datting,chatting,feeding,etc but one fine day dev s mom mary saw dev,vintina together then dev explained everything to her mom ,her mom said sorry I cant agree for these love please forget it and carry with studies k but they wre still in touch one afternoon she called up him stating to meet er now both met she said please froget me and go away she went away...dev was shocked depressed came to home and started to smoke there being in home he stopped talking to his mom for sake of her few weeks later her friend sayes him "she was adopted child for her parent Vinuthajames and till that day she knew its was her own parent,her m om asked one ting to do was to lev dev becose our both families fough for simple reason ego growthed up in large so please forget nor I will do somthing u think whom to leave??then she said I know I ll be treated has queen if I marry dev but I was already treated like queen tough im not their own daughter I dont want to loose my parent.dev started to search her everywhere but cant find out her so days passed ?night dev got a message stating haii its vinatina how u doing ?he shocked to messages both were in very mature mind she said I already ennagged with som1 then he said congration finally meeting happened after years she said letus breakoff forget our past'please he said great ur changed a lot started to be angry on er. Started to forget her completely then its their first datting day she saw him with a girl started to shout him later he slowly realized her love didnt change but justa angry,on xmass eve dev was fully boozed spoke to her stating everythings happn ed in years he says one evening ur mom came to me said begged me to leave my daughter she wants great millioner has son in law so nly gave up my love towards you ??next morning I love you dev I know you care me but not like this im sorry for everything...james forced vintina but she was stubborn then nite 7pm she texted him to text the night but he was lite tired so texted for few hours early morning he was in church thre a deadbody s van arrived later he was going to work so went fastlly there fours hours later he got a call from her friend ? He ranned towards grave but she was dead then he cryed cryed ..then came to home ? Switch on his mobile an message " I know im going to hurt you very badly I cant marry the unknown person for sake of parent but I cant to live them for sake of love I tryed hard to live with you but its not possible so sorry dev I love you please forgive though my body s buried but my heart n love s nly for you....true love always has challenge to success but never fails untill you stop ur sincere try.
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