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Autumn The Love Story
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It is 22:02, Thursday evening, cold, windy, and my only companion is the mug of milky tea to the left of my computer screen. This story is
about Autumn, that name, it almost paralyzes me whenever I say it.
Autumn is like a good song, you can listen to it a thousand times and it only gets better and better. Now, Autumn is not your stereotypical
beautiful girl but in my eyes she was gold; Dark brown eyes and the cutest nose I had ever seen.
Now, I had only just turned 19 but I knew what love was and I fell into it when I saw Autumn. It was my brothers 21st birthday party that i spoke to Autumn for the first time. she was standing outside alone and i knew that this would be my only chance... The few steps that it took to get to the door felt like eternity...I stepped outside. "Some party huh?" I said trying to seem like i was enjoying the evening but in fact I hated every second of it. "Yeah it's some party" she said with a nervous giggle. goose bumps erupted
throughout my body. I took a step closer to her, "I love your eyes...And I love the rest of your face too...And I haven't even looked down yet..."
After I said that, her face instantly filled with an enormous smile. "I'm Jay" I said with a slight pause. "I'm glad I met you Jay, nobody has ever
said anything like that to me", When she said this, I knew it would be the start of something spectacular.
Speaking on the phone soon turned to hours talking over coffee. Hours turned to months and months turned to years.
It was 2:30 AM when she woke me, "Jay" she said in a soft tone. "Do you have any idea what time it is?" I asked, "Jay, nose is bleeding" she exclaimed with a rather nervous tone. "Darling you'll be fine, just leave it till the morning and we will sort it out then" I said. I
wish i could have put those words back in my mouth.
Morning came and Autumn was not in bed next to me. a trail of blood trickled from the bed. I checked my phone and there was a text sent at
5:40 AM, it read: "Jay, didn't want to wake you, gone to hospital to see why my nose is bleeding, i love you, come when you wake up." I rushed to the hospital, the nurse took me to
the room where Autumn was. When I saw her she was in tears, "Jay" she said, tears were falling down her face, "Baby whats wrong?" I asked grabbing her face and wiping her tears. "Jay..I have cancer"...Those words hit me like a shot in the heart, my world was destroyed, my
life was pointless. Months of chemo followed but doctors never
gave her much hope. Autumn passed away on a cold Autumn day in October. Her final words will
echo for eternity. "Dreams come true Jay; It is because mine came true when I met you. I will always love you. I swear it".
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