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Baby I Dream of You
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I had a dream. I wasn’t sleeping. But it was nighttime. I lay awake that cold night after practice. I was tired, but my thoughts were keeping me awake. You were in them. All. I know
it’s crazy and I’m just that weird girlfriend that is obsessed with you. But it was great. It was of our first date. We’ve never gone on a date yet; I don’t think we’ve ever even been alone together, even before we were going out. I know we’ve only been boyfriend and girlfriend for a few days now, so it makes sense that we haven’t gone on a date yet. I imagined it though. It was amazing.
You showed up at my house and I didn’t even know you were coming. How did you find me? I never even told you where I lived. I guess that’s
just how dreams work. Unexpected things happen and once you’re awake and thinking about it, it makes no sense whatsoever. But,
when you’re dreaming, whether you’re awake or asleep, anything can happen and it seems so normal.
Well, you were at my house and you came to the door. My mom was God knows where and didn’t hear the doorbell. Sure enough though, she’ll
make her appearance later. You waited patiently at the door until I realized that my mom wasn’t going to get the door. I walked down from my room wearing short, beige shorts from American Eagle, and my black hoodie from Nationals 2013.
I opened the door and smiled at the sight of you. You looked amazing standing on my front porch. I loved seeing you there. It had been forever
since I had seen you. I hadn’t even seen you since we started dating. I only saw you about three weeks before at that camp in middle-of-
nowhere South Carolina.
I invited you into my home, as my dog attacked your ankles and knees. You picked him up and let him love you. You walked with me into the
kitchen and we started talking. I don’t remember much of our opening conversations. I don’t
remember anything in fact. But what I do remember is you asking me to go somewhere with you. I remember looking at my hoodie and back to you. I asked if I could go change and you told me you liked my sweatshirt. I agreed to go with you but then, sure enough, my mom appears. I asked her if she would let me go with you to hang out. All she said was “is it a date?” I didn’t know I half smiled, with the corners of my
mouth tight as I tried not to smile. My mom wasn’t looking at either one of us. It was like she wasn’t interested in what we looked like or
our facial expressions. I looked to you and I shrugged. You looked at me and smiled and nodded your head. So I just simply said “yeah” to
my mom, hoping she wouldn’t question further.
She looked at us when I said that and I shrunk into your arm that you had held up, inviting me to cling to your side. She looked at the two of us and nodded then asked where we would be going. I looked up to you for an answer but all you told me was that I was the one that lived
there not him. Right. I forgot. You had to drive an hour to get to my house from where you lived. Sorry. Well my mom let me go, surprisingly. But I guess that’s how dreams work. Everything happens in your favor. So my mom let me go and you told me to wear
my black hoodie wherever you were taking me. God, I had missed you so much! When you were leaving my driveway you asked if I knew
anywhere we could park and no one would notice us or care about us. I told you yes and told you
that I’d tell you where to go, just get out of the neighborhood first. You stopped at the end of the driveway and asked one of the stupidest
questions. You asked me which way to go. I looked at you and told you to look to the right. I asked you what you saw and you told me like it
was, a col-da-sac. Then I told you to look down the side street right across from my house. Once
again you told me that there was the same thing down it, a col-da-sac. So then I told you to look left and once again asked what you saw. You
told me you saw an intersection. I told you that you could go whichever way you choose, but I usually go left when I leave my house. You went
left and once we finally got out of the neighborhood, I directed you to Oakview. It was the elementary school in South Carolina that I
had attended. I knew my way around it and knew that they didn’t watch any of their security cameras, especially when school was not in
Once we had parked under a tree in the back of the school, you didn’t hesitate at all. I looked up
at you and as soon as our eyes met, you leaned forward and kissed me. It was amazing. I don’t know if it’s even possible to kiss like that in real
life. It was the best kiss of my life. They say your first kiss is always the best, no matter what,
but that’s not true. You don’t come close to the asshole that was my first kiss. After our first kiss, you opened your eyes and I did too. We
were both smiling and we looked into each other’s eyes, it was the best feeling in the world to be there with you. Your hand was on the small of my back and the other holding my hipbone.
Were we going to do it? I couldn’t focus on anything but you and how perfect you were. Then, you kissed me again and I wrapped my
arms around your neck. A few, amazing, seconds passed, and that’s when we both slowly and
sweetly opened our mouths slightly and I felt your tongue slowly sliding over mine. It was the best feeling in the entire world. I didn’t want it to
end. Then suddenly, we were back at that boarding school, the one we had met at, at that stupid camp. What the hell were we doing here?
How did we even get here? No ones here surely we aren’t supposed to be. We were back on girl’s side. This was a change for on the last day of camp, I had spent at least an hour on guy’s side. I wasn’t with you though. Oh, that was a mistake. I went up with you, to play a joke on your roommate. He was so
surprised to wake up and see me sanding in his room wearing my pajamas. Oh, well. That’s the
past. But, I was so stupid to not spend that day with you. It could’ve been so much fun. I didn’t want to be caught. That’s the problem. I hid with another guy. My mistake.
But now was different. You were in my dorm; my bed sheets were still there, and my blanket. What
was going on? You were lying in my bed alone, and I was doing something. What could I possibly
have been doing? Why was I not laying with you? I remember lying there with you. I don’t remember how I got into my small bed with you. I guess that’s just another one of the perks of being in a dream. Wow. We were under my warm,
brown, blanket, on top of my olive green sheets. I was facing you. How strange... You were holding me, though. I could feel your warmth.
The school was so cold even thought it was still early August. It was so hot outside. Wait, where
did my hoodie go. It wasn’t there I was merely wearing the small white spaghetti strap tank top
that I had been wearing under the hoodie in case I got hot. You were shirtless too. I loved the feeling of your bare skin warming up my cold
body. We started to kiss again. This time more violently. We shifted in the bed so that I was on my back and you were on top of me. When I
opened my eyes, my tank top had disappeared. I was wearing the pink and gold lacy bra that I had bought at Victoria’s Secret in the mall. You
seemed to like it. Your warm hands were feeling all over my body now. Damn. How are you so good at all this? I didn’t even realize that one of
my very own hands was feeling him, too. How did I miss that? How long had my hand been there? Damn. Damn, damn, damn. What time was
it by now anyway? Will my mom start looking for me? She would never look here, but she might
just happen to drive by and see your car at the school. Oh, shit. What are we doing here? Your lips felt so great against mine. But then you
stopped. You hovered me and looked at me and just stared.
Then we were back in your car. What was going on? My dreams are screwing with me. That’s just
terrible. My own dreams are screwing with me. Why have I not snapped out of it yet? I was still
a sweaty mess from practice, although my sweat had dried and made me ice cold. I was still in my
fantasy though. This could not possibly get better. Until we were somewhere. Some restaurant. I don’t remember what it was though.
I don’t even remember how we got there, or how he knew where to go. We were finishing a meal. How? We just got there. I guess in the time we
were fooling around at the elementary school, and at the boarding school. It was the time that
it would’ve taken us to get that far in a meal.
Holy shit. I love dreams. They are amazing always. I don’t even know what I had eaten. Or what meal was sitting in front of me half finished. I felt full, like I had just ate the actual
meal. Dreams are not for the weak, they are for the creative. I’m not even that creative, I just have great imagination. Somehow, once again, my dreams were using magic to make miracles happen. We were at my house again. When we got there, my mom invited you to spend the night. What? This can’t be my mom. Thank you dreams for creating the
best mom in the world! You willingly came in and without even texting or calling you mom, you agreed to stay. This was fantastic. My mom
didn’t even say anything about you not sleeping with me in my room. She even offered to let you
stay with me in my room, in my amazingly comfortable bed.
You got to my room and we shut the door. From there we stood just by the door, our bodies close
together and we kissed once more. This time was different though. It was sweeter. Then without any sort of warning it started raining, in
my room. Just over us though. Damn magical dreams! The carpet didn’t get wet at all, not a single drop of water landed on it. However, we
were able to kiss in the rain and it was amazing.
I love you.
After that, I don’t remember much. Why don’t I remember? Because it’s a dream. And everyone must wake up from, or in this case snap out of a
dream. I finally had come to my senses and realized that I was freezing from the dried up
sweat. Insane? I thought so, too. I needed to take a shower. I needed to talk to you. But it was the middle of the night. How was I supposed to talk to you? You went to sleep hours
ago. Why do I have to be so weird? Why can’t I go to sleep like a normal person? Why couldn’t I have dreamed this in my sleep? God, I’m so tired! I need to sleep. It’s the middle of the night. I shouldn’t still be awake. Why did I just waste two
hours of my precious time to sleep to type this out? No one will ever read it. I won’t let anyone read it. Whatever. If anyone ever does see this, Ihope you enjoyed a look into my mind, into my dreams. But just know that this isn’t all my dreams. Like any other teenager, I have my dark side and some of my dreams are dark and scary and you wouldn’t want any part in reading them. I
love someone and this is what love does to me I guess. Crazy, Right? Wrong.
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