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Best Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls
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Clothes: Teens are at the age when they start to care about clothes and their appearance. They are growing up! So buying them something they will wear regularly and get a lot of value from is not only a good present, but satisfying for the buyer. They KNOW it will be used. However, the problem with buying clothes as gifts is simple.
Unless you want to keep your gift a surprise, it is wise to speak to the person you are buying for about what they want. Perhaps they really really want that particular pair of jeans or cardigan. Perhaps they are growing and are not the size you remember. It is always wise to research the person you are buying for. What clothes do they usually wear and try to stick to that style. And worst comes to the worst, put the receipt in the bag with the present. If you have put effort and thought into the gift then the price should not be a problem.
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Make-Up: Teenage girl is a girl who is growing up. They are maturing.
They want to look more mature and adult. So why not go for make up? To quote my 18 year old flat mate, 'a girl can never have enough make-up' . Now, as a guy I do not have much hands on experience with make-up and it might be worth speaking to someone who does if you choose to go down the make-up road. That said, a bit of research has pointed out the key things to consider when buying make-up as a gift. What sort of make up does this person usually wear? What is their complexion? Do they favour certain brands, colours or styles? Do they enjoy experimenting?
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Jewellery: I don't mean to be stereotypical when I mention jewellery and there is a huge opportunity for creativity in the jewellery market. Why go for a typical necklace when that second hand antique store down the road sells intricate golden broaches which are a) cheaper, and b) much more personal.
Buying a fairly uninspiring piece of jewellery is a waste of time. Anyone could do that. What will make your gift stand out is by perhaps being a bit adventurous, and also, doing your research. What does she usually wear? What does she like? How does your gift fit into her wardrobe? Always be aware of these things and it might be worth asking her family for advise on answers to these questions.
But most of all, do not make the mistake 14 year old me did, and buy a lovely pair of earrings for a friend who did not have pierced ears!!!
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