Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life
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Only when you truly and completely learn how to love ourself are you able to love others unconditionally. And when you find that people have a hard time loving you it just might be because they haven't learned how to love themselves.
Now this may be a lot to process all at once so take as long as you need to mull this over in your mind.
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We must learn the truth about who we really are. Much of what we learn about ourselves as we grow up are actually lies about who we are. All the messages we ever hear such as "I am not perfect, I'm not okay, I'm not the way I should be", we tend to accept and believe.
This is when we stop loving ourselves and begin pretending to be something we are not.
It's time to stop listening to all the old negative or hurtful messages taught to us during our childhood and young adult life.
These messages are negative, crippling and label us as long as we accept them.
They are very powerful and can affect our behavior and thinking unless we erase them. Replace limiting thinking with empowering thoughts.
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