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Falling in and out of love

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“HELP ME,” I screeched just as I started to drown. Two minutes later my father was probably calling my cell phone worried sick. Just then my boyfriend Eli saved my life then, whispered in my ear and admitted softly,
“I love you more than life itself.I would never let you drown.”
1 year earlier
Mom had just been diagnosed with leukemia, which is cancer of blood cells. It hit all of us hard, especially me. She was my best friend. I remember bawling for weeks and not eating or anything. She was getting worried about me. I didn’t care. I was so furious at her and now she was nothing more than my enemy. I started sneaking out of the house. I wanted to runaway but I couldn’t run from my fear of my mom dying.
My worst fears came true just two weeks later. It was official my mom was dead. I couldn't handle it. After the funeral I packed some of my of clothes and ran away my dad ended up sending out a search team they found me thanks to jake who could see stuff a normal human being couldn't. Dad made me promise him I wouldn’t sneak off or run away,so I promised him as long as he would stop treating me like a little girl, he agreed to that.
6 Months later
Now to tell you about myself i'm a fifteen year old girl from ireland but moved to the U.S.A when I was 3 years old.My name is jessabell roseabell saunders but people call me jess for short.I love my little sisters Bell who is 9 years old and Rose who is 3 years old more than anything since my dad doesn’t do do anything exept work nine hours a day,four days a week and drink away alot of our money,he only saves some for food and clothes.
On weekends I work six hours a day just to suport my sisters and have more food for us.My sisters don’t have alot of nice stuff but they were tought early that if you have love you have everything and not to complain.I have a boyfriend named jacob or jake for short he is special to me. He is the reason I am alive today thanks to him being well I don’t know what he is,but he can see things that have happened,that will happen, and that are happening. He is nice to me.
4 Months later
It’s a saturday I start work at 12:30 in the afternoon.I have to wear a short shorts with 2 inch wedges and a mal pal’s resturant shirt.You probably already know where i work since the name of my job is on the shirt.My job doesn’t pay that much so i act really cheerful and peppy so i get alot of tips and getting big tips is really good.I really like my job it’s fun,but then agin it’s the only time i leave my sisters with my dad.Now i’m in the car going to work i’m listening to gangman style by PSY.I just got to work.Mal Pal’s is a family resturant.The theme of it is jungle.the chef’s there are really good.My boss is really really nice.I was super duper lucky I got hired.people say I only got hired because malerie who own’s the returant felt bad for me,but I know she just really likes me.
6 hours later.
I got $100.50 from work out of tips.When I get in the house its a mess and my sister Bell is bawling on the floor about something,I asked where Rose was but Bell wouldn’t answer me.I had to search the house for Rose,eventually i found her thank goodness.I couldn’t find my dad though,so i got the girls to tell me where he was.They said he went out drinking around 1:00.I couldn't believe him he said he could watch them for 6 hours.i actually took the girls out to eat so if dad comes home drunk we wouldn’t be there.We went out to eat at 5 Guys.They were so happy after dinner i took them out to see iron man 3.We got home around 9:30 PM I wasn’t surprised that dad wasn’t home but i was surprised who was there it was jake.I asked him what he was doing here,he told the girls to go get ready for bed so they did.He told me that he was here because my dad was in jail for drunk driving.I cried not that it surprised me but the fact that he couldn’t watch the girls and I have to support both the girls,so like who would i asked jake if could watch the girls while i go to the jail he said he would.I jumped in the car and drove to the police station when i got there i asked if i could take John Saunders home they said no unless I can give them 2,000 dollars in bail money I said
‘that’s going to take me a million years.I asked if I can talk to the police chief Bob,so i went in a room to talk to him he said that if i can’t pay the bail money then my dad would have to stay in jail for one month on the weekend’s since my dad works on weekdays Bob said I could talk to my dad so i did,dad said he was so sorry.I then left and went home and i told jake what happened,he said that he would watch the girls when i work.Now the hard part comes i had to tell the girl’s,when I told them they started bawling.I then tucked them in then read them a story to get them to go bed.
1 month later
Dad promised that he would go to therapy and change so he did and so far its working.He has stopped drinking and helps out with the girls a lot more than he use to.The girls seem a lot happier than before and they get some nice stuff but I still have my job at mal pal’s restaurant.I hate the fact that dad still treats me like i’m invisible,it’s no fair when I say something he rarely answers me.When I tell my friend Matthew about it he says that it’s because I remind him of my mom.Matthew has brown hair and green eyes he has olive skin his mom died when he was just 2 years old,but his dad left so matt lives with his grandma.Me and Matt have been freinds since we were 5 year olds.I love when my dad takes the girls out to eat,it’s the only time i get to have time to myself.
“Jessabelle we are going out to eat.Do you want to come with us” asked dad
“No” I answered then they left.Oh crap I send dad a text saying can I go to jakes party.He sent a text saying yeah why not me and your sisters will be out till 9:30 PM.I get dressed into a really pretty purple dress with ruffles.I then get into my car and drive to jakes house.When I get to the party I see jake,i run to him and ask
“Why do you look so sad?”
He hissed, “I’m not. Why would you even care?”I ran to Matt asking him.
“Do you know why would jake be mad at me.”
He mumbled, “No.”I then went to Jake’s sister and asked her.
“Do you know why would your brother be mad at me she answered
“No.” I tell jake i’m sorry for what I did he then forgives me and kisses me on the cheek.I go get a drink and when I return I see a girl Matt use to date named Mandy in the arms of me man.ARGH!I run to Jake screaming my head off.I couldn’t believe him.I asked
“What do you think you're doing Mandy!?!?”
She said, “hugging my boyfriend!!!”
“Jake wwwhat is she doing in your arms!?!?!?”
“Ummm we were dancing,” said Jake.
Mandy asked jake, “Do you still love me?” he said
“Yes you’re my angel of darkness forever and always!”
“UHHH I hate you jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I half screamed and cried.Matt came over to stop me from making Mandy go to the hospital. He then drove me home Matt not Jake.Matt then said
“I’m so sorry for what happened tonight. Text me later okay.”
I then snarled “Yeah yeah whatever,I just can’t believe jake and Mandy”I went into the house and it’s only 7:30 so i take off my dress and take a nice hot bubble bath for half an hour then get my one direction pj’s on and listen to up all night.I get bored soon so I check my phone and see that I have 11 missed calls.WOW.I see that 5 are from dad so I call him and he doesn’t answer go figure.the other 6 are from Eli and Matt.Three are from Matt i call him and he answered,I then ask why he called me.He replied that he called because he was worried about me. I say i have to go,then hang up.I don’t see why he would be worried about me anyway.It’s not like we are dating anyway.
Eli’s real name is Charles John Eli Jones so yeah.Eli is bestest friend ever he has a 9 year old sister named lily she has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that becomes apparent in some children in the preschool and early school years. It is hard for these children to control their behavior and/or pay attention,and she is bipolar.Bipolar disorder is a condition that causes psychological and physical problems bad enough to affect everyday life - sometimes seriously. The most important thing about bipolar disorder is that a patient experiences extremes of mood, ranging from mania or hypomania - the upper end of mood swings - to depression, the lower end. For this reason, the old name of this illness is manic depression, and many people still refer to bipolar disorder that way.
His dad died when lily was 2 and we were seven because he was fighting for America.Eli’s mom has an ex boyfriend that is stalking her so they move around a lot.
Eli calls me again and I answer asking him why he called me and how he was he hesitated then said
“I heard about the fight oh and I’m fine my mom and Lily say hi”
“Tell them I say hi and I miss them did Lily get my gift for her?” I ask. He again hesitated then said
“Yeah she did.So you still living in texas?” he answered
“You betcha,were you living now?” I say
“I have to go but I’ll text you.So I hang up and check the time it’s 8:30.WOW.I then get a text from a blocked number saying hi I know who u r and wher u live i think u r cute and smart.i then send a text saying,WHO R U AND WHAT DO U WANT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? oh and thank u for calling me cute. no reply so I text Eli asking Where are you guys living?,he said in Paris.That is so cool why don’t you seem happy i question him Because i’m not with you he answered me i then text AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :^) gtg :(. i get a text saying I’m in your closet from a blocked number.OMG who is it,this is really’s only 9:00 so I go get zombieland (best movie ever) and watch it.then the girl’s and dad get home. “Did you guys have a good time” I asked “you betcha,we did” said dad.i get a text saying "Love is not blind, it sees more not less; But because it sees more it chooses to see less." luv u babe.My dad then wants to talk to me.OH CRAP.I hope it isn’t about the fight’and it isn’t.He want’s to have the TALK.He only takes 39 minuets ,and yes I timed it.I then went to bed but I couldn’t I don’t know why.So i get a glass of water but before I can get out of my bed someone pins me down I want to scream but i know the smell,it’s Eli.
10 Minutes later
I take Eli to my spare bedroom on my floor of the house,and turn on the light.He has so many cuts,bruises and scrapes.
”Why do you have those and why did you leave Lily and your mom”I shouted at him.He mumbled that
“Lily is outside and my mom died.”I run outside to Lily,when I get outside Lily runs to me and jumps on me crying and laughing.I guess she is sad and happy. She goes and gets their stuff and comes back with 4 suitcases.We take them inside upstairs trying to be quiet but it didn’t work.We woke up Rose,she started bawling so i ran to her and give her her milk.I then took Rose, Lily and Eli upstairs,and helped Eli unpack their stuff.Then I tucked Lily in,and went downstairs to tuck Rose in.Eli comes downstairs saying
“Lily fell asleep i’m hungry and thirsty.”
“I say we get you patched up now.”So we go to the bathroom,and I get the band-aids and ACE bandages.He has a really bad deep gash on his thigh,so he takes off his jeans but not his boxers and clean it out in the tub by the time we are done with cleaning it the water is a brownish red.EWWWWWWWWWWW. I then wrap ACE bandage around the wound then I clean up the mess,and say
“You should be better now,how did you get all of these cuts,scrapes,and bruises.”
“Thanks and I got these because I ran away from home a month ago and please don’t ask why.”
“Why in the world would you run away from home.” Instead of answering he gives me a kiss and I mean a long one not one of the ten seconds ones this one was almost four minutes.
“I ran away because my dad’s friend was abusing my mom.So when I ran away and fell and got beat up but I went home and called the cops on my dads friend and they arrested him and charged him of abusing and first degree murder so he got life in prison”
“Who did he kill”
“My mom now can you get out I have to go wee wee.” I then leave the bathroom and see dad downstairs with some girl that I recognize as my 5th grade teacher. OMG OMG OMG OMG.She starts giggling like a little kid they then start walking up the stairs so I walk in the closet and hide.They walk past and close a door.Eli walks out of the bathroom so I get out of the closet and fall onto Eli.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING,”yelled Eli.
“Shut up dad and Miss.bellow are in his room and I was hiding from them so yeah that was what I was doing,” We then go upstairs to the spare bedroom and say good night. I go to my bedroom and go to sleep.
Chapter 2
School is not my favorite time of the day
My alarm clock goes off at 5:30 I go to dads bedroom and see that he is not there I check out the window and see that his car is not there.I then go upstairs and wake up Eli.He gets up and says
“Why are you waking me up at 5:40 in the frickin morning.”
“It is time to get up for school Bell and Lily get up at 6:30 and get on the bus at 7:00 Rose gets up at 7:30 and I take her to daycare and go to school from there you can either go to school with me or on the bus your choice.”I then jump in the shower and change into my skinny jeans and purple plaid shirt and make pancakes by that time it’s already 6:35.I go wake up Bell and Lily then go downstairs they come down ready for school,then go outside to the bus stop.I then go downstairs and right before I go to get Rose she comes down wearing a pair of Bell’s old skinny jeans and a purple plaid shirt with her blankie,and her thumb in her mouth.She says
“Sissy Ewi got me dwessed now I wook pwetty jus wike you,wove you!!!!!”I just start laughing my butt off,of course she starts pouting so I say
“I’m soooo sorry baby sissy didn’t mean it,it’s just you look soooo pretty.Why don’t you go upstairs and eat the pancakes I got ready for you they are up on the table for you to eat then we will put your hair up in pigtails,kk?”
“KK sissy,” she says.I then turn to Eli and say
“Thank you you have already helped out sooooooooo much.I love you so much more than you know."
But i didn't mean as a sibling i was slowly falling in love with Eli all over again."Why don’t you go up stairs and eat breakfast before we are late for school?”He says
“I think I will go eat breakfast,Missy.I wouldn’t want to be late on my first day of school, now would I.Oh and love you too.We then go upstairs and eat breakfast when we are done I tell Rose and Eli
“Time to get in the car for school.”I then give Rose her lunch and we get in the car. I turn on the radio and Mine is on by Taylor swift.Rose’s favorite singer,about ten minutes later we are at Rose’s pre school.I give her a kiss on the cheek a hug and her lunch.
“Thank you sissy wove you and wove you Ewi,”she says then she gives me and Eli a kiss on the cheek and a hug before running off to her friends.Me and Eli hop into my car which by the way is a 1987 mustang.We then head off to school and when we get there we are really early. YAY YAY WOO HOO !!!!!!!!!Thats kind of what I wanted.We then go to the principals office to get Eli ready the principals name is Mr.McNibber,the vice principals names are Mr.nugget and Mr.McKimmy.We tell Mr.McNibber that all of Eli’s old school files were lost in a fire at his old school in Paris. He believed us thank goodness.Well we half lied half tool the truth.So now Eli is in all of my classes.
2 Hours later
I go to the library and look up german newspaper translated to english on february 15 1943.They got some good articles.I ask the librarian if I can borrow it she said
“You can only have it checked out for 3 weeks,but you have to bring it back on time”I then say
“Okay I will bring it in on time.”I then take the newspaper article put it in my locker,then go to class Im 1 minute late but my teacher Mrs.satcher (we call her sargent behind her back because she yells and yells.)
“ Mrs.saunders who do you think you are late for my class again thats 2 days before and after school detention.” she said.
“Thats no fair I was at the library getting a newspaper for my project for this class,Here is my pass from you and here is my pass from the librarian. HMM” she took both pass’s an said
“Take your seat now and listen up children your projects are due in 2 weeks.” she then starts talking about something but I wasn’t listening. I look at Eli and I saw Mandy flirting with him.She pass’s him a note so I raise my hand and tell the teacher, she makes Mandy read it in front of the whole class it said Eli you are soooooooooo hot and perfect and tan.Will you go out with me pretty PLZ with a kiss on top? Her face was so red like cherry red everyone but Eli and Mandy starts laughing. Then Mrs.satcher go’s out of the room and comes back with Miss.Black who is wearing a knee length turquoise with a gray Half sweater,her blonde hair up in a ponytail with a white ribbon to hold it up,and wearing black wedges. Miss black tells us she will be substituting the rest of the year since Mrs.Satcher is pregnant. Almost everyone yelled yipee.
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