Hard to Forget Love Story
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“Cathy, let’s have a teacup party.” Amy called out. The 7-year-old girl was holding a porcelain teapot and cups, all custom-made and imported from Germany. Catherine pulled the drapes aside to let the sunshine enter Amy’s room. The child has such poor health that the slightest wafts of dirt could send her colds and flu. Since she was born, Amy had weak lungs and rheumatic heart. Even light exercise could send her to the hospital. And that’s the reason why Catherine was hired.
Catherine Cole is a licensed caregiver and has many experiences in taking care of children. She was called by the agency a few days ago for an immediate hiring to take care of a little girl who came from England and had just moved to America. In dire need of money, Catherine grabbed the job. And just 3 days after the call, Catherine is now here, taking care of a bonny little child with no one for company but maids. Amy’s mother died in childbirth, while her father is a businessman who is stationed in England. He barely sees her, and if he does, they just exchange perfunctory greetings and then he sends Amy in her room. When Amy wakes up the following day, her dad has already gone.
Catherine had never met Amy’s father before, and it was the child who told her the story.
“Cathy, c’mon!” Amy chided. Catherine played with her and they were so engrossed in their lady games that they did not notice a black Lamborghini arrive in the house’s courtyard.
“Cathy, let me brush your hair.” Amy said and Cathy obliged. Amy pulled her nanny’s hair away from her face, and then brushed the long, brunette hair in long strokes. Cathy closed her eyes as she felt relaxed.
Alex went to his daughter’s room and he was about to knock, only to find that the door was ajar. He quietly pushed the door open, just to see a strange sight.
His daughter was with a very beautiful woman, and the former was brushing the latter’s shiny, long hair.
This must be the caregiver, Alex thought, but he did not expect to see a young woman with an enchanting beauty. Her shiny hair is perfectly curled on the tips. Her tan skin is flawless and looking as smooth as a lily. Her eyes are closed, and her long and curled lashes swept on her pink cheeks.
Her mouth was slightly agape and curled in the corners as if she was smiling, and no woman can ever be more beautiful than her.
“Daddy!” Amy cried out in excitement when she saw him standing outside the room. The caregiver’s eyes flew open and he saw that they were of softest brown, like the eyes of an innocent doe.
“Hello, Amy.” Alex greeted. The caregiver tried her best to look prepared as she approached him.
“Good morning, Mr. Grey.” She politely greeted. Her voice was soft but clear, like the rustle of a peaceful river.
“Good morning. I assume that you are Ms. Cole?”
“Can we talk for a second in the library? I hear you have some arrangements to be asked regarding your work here.” Alex said seriously. He saw her gulp, as if nervous.
“As a matter of fact, I do.” Catherine replied.
They both went to the library after making sure that a maid was staying with Nellie, and when Alex was seated behind the massive oak desk and Cathy was on a chair in front of him, Alex started.
“Amy is a vulnerable child. She is sickly and frail. I hope you’re taking good care of her.” Alex said.
“I am doing the best I can, and Amy’s health is my priority.” Cathy answered.
“It seems that she likes you.”
“I like her too. Amy is a joyful child.” Cathy said with a smile on her face. Alex was sure it was a genuine smile.
“So, about the arrangements, what is your concern?” Alex said. Cathy became alert.
“I want to work stay-out, Mr. Grey. I have a family waiting for me so I can only work here in the mornings and until 4 in the afternoon.” Cathy began. Alex leaned on his swivel chair.
“Isn’t a caregiver supposed to care for their ward at least until the evenings? My daughter has weak lungs and rheumatic heart; she may be unable to breathe anytime.” Alex said in a controlled voice. He was beginning to feel annoyed.
“But on the contract, it says there that I am only needed here from 8 AM to 5 PM. I was about to request if I can leave by 4 PM.” Cathy answered. Since it was what was in the job offer, she assumed that it was known by Mr. Grey, but obviously he didn’t.
Catherine watched as her employer dialed on the telephone.
“Lacy, why didn’t you tell me that the caregiver for Amy is working as a stay-out? No one would look after Amy when the caregiver leaves for the day, don’t you know that?” Alex said angrily. He wasn’t shouting, but his tone was hard and icy. Hell, it was scarier than when someone just shouts.
“My housekeepers do not know a thing about taking care of a sick child, Lacy.” Alex said after a minute. Catherine waited until Alex finished the call.
“I’m sorry, my secretary made a mistake. We need a stay-in caregiver. Can we just have some adjustments and have you stay here? We have plenty of rooms you can occupy.” Alex said.
Catherine quickly shook her head.
“I have work in the evenings, Mr. Grey. Apart from that, my family will be waiting for me.” She answered.
“What work in the evenings do you have, Ms. Cole?” Alex asked. Catherine blushed.
“Uhh…I…I am also a caregiver for another family, only that it is night shift.” She lied. Alex can sense that she was hiding something, but he ignored it.
“How much do they pay you? I’ll double your salary. I need someone to look after Amy the whole time.”
Catherine thought for a while. The man will double her salary? That will be too much! All she has to do is to quit her night job and most of her financial problems will be solved. Alex watched her closely. Obviously, the woman was counting her gains.
Devious, he thought. He realized that her angelic façade hides her true color. Like all the other women, Amy’s nanny also goes to wherever there is more money.
“I’ll resign on my night job, but not today, Mr. Grey. I have to give them 2-3 days to find a replacement for me.” Catherine finally decided.
Alex knew that she will take his offer.
“I will be staying here for a few days so there is someone to stay with Amy while you are gone, but as you may already know, I’m a busy man and I can’t stay for long.” Alex reminded. Catherine nodded, although she still looks uneasy.
“I have day-offs, right?” Catherine asked. Alex laughed.
“Of course. I will be flying here on weekends to visit Amy.” He answered. Catherine breathed a sigh of relief.
“Uhh…so it’s settled then?” Catherine asked. Alex stood up.
“Yes. I will be fixing the contract.”
Alex followed Catherine as she headed to the door first, when suddenly, Catherine tripped and she was about to hit the floor headfirst, if only Alex did not hold on to her hips to pull her toward him.
“Oh!” Catherine cried in surprise as her back hit a solid wall that was Alex’s chest. They were plastered together, and she can feel the hard outlines of Alex’s warm body behind her. They stood like that for a moment until Alex let her go.
“Be careful next time.” He said in a dark voice, as if he was annoyed by her clumsiness. Catherine was shaking as she tried to regain her stance. She faced Alex with her cheeks burning in embarrassment.
“I’m so sorry, Mr. Grey.” Catherine apologized. Alex turned his back on her.
“You may leave now.” He said, and he did not face her again until he heard the door closed.
Alex remembered her warm, soft body and her sweet vanilla scent when he pulled her to him, and he knew that he was fascinated by his daughter’s caregiver. Secretive and naïve, beautiful and strange…Catherine Cole is someone who had triggered Alex’s curiosity.
Alex and Amy were dining together that evening, with Amy feeding her dad with lots of stories about Catherine. Alex patiently listened to his daughter’s stories, without paying much attention until something the child said caught Alex’s attention.
“Cathy wants to go home an hour earlier, because Michael is waiting for her at home.” Amy said as she chewed on the biscuit. Alex raised a brow.
“Who is Michael?” he asked. Nellie shook her head.
“I don’t know, but she always mentions Michael. In the mornings, Cathy always looks tired and sleepy. She said it was her other work that drains her.” Amy answered, happy that at last, her dad reacted to one of her stories.
“When I’m napping in the afternoons, sometimes I wake up to see Cathy asleep in a chair.” She added. Alex didn’t say another word as Amy rambled on another story involving doll houses and her Barbie.
The next day, Catherine arrived at the Grey’s residence. She was tired as usual, but happy. Her night job allowed her to resign but she has to work one more night. It’s okay for her. She will earn more money and she can also escape her horrible night job.
Catherine went to Amy’s room, where she was still sleeping. Normally, Catherine would run the hot shower while the child is still asleep so she can prepare all her morning care routines, except for breakfast which will be brought in by the maids later. She went to the bathroom and run the shower and then went back to the bedroom.
She bumped against Alex.
“Oh my Gosh!” Catherine cried. For the second time, Alex held her in place.
“Can you be any clumsier?” Alex asked irritably. It was still early morning but he was already wearing a fresh cotton shirt and dark jeans. He smelled fresh like he had just showered and his chin was already shaved.
“I’m sorry…”
“If you’re that careless, I can’t imagine how you could care for my daughter.” Alex said in a low voice to avoid waking Amy up. Catherine became angry at Alex’s indirect accusation of not being capable of caring for her ward.
Bravely, she moved closer to face Alex.
“I can take care of Amy, and your assumptions are all based on a few meetings. You don’t know me, Mr. Grey.” Catherine said in a hard and challenging voice. Alex was surprised at Catherine’s sudden change in demeanor. The little lamb became a lioness. Enjoying her reaction, Alex moved closer until Catherine was forced to back away. Alex continued advancing until Catherine’s back hit the wall.
“Feisty. I didn’t expect this from the likes of you.” Alex said in a dark voice. Catherine became angrier. From the likes of her?
“Are you insulting me?” she fired up.
“Are you insulted?” Alex asked back. What he meant was that he did not expect a timid flower like her to rise up to a wolf like him.
“I am, Mr. Grey! Do you think so lowly of me for you to say such things?” Catherine retorted. Alex moved closer until only a strand of hair separates them.
“You are hot and cold, Ms. Cole.” Alex whispered. Catherine was compelled to stare in his dark, grey eyes. Her legs were weakening but she managed to keep still and stand upright.
“If I am about to say something honest about you, would you fire me?” Catherine whispered back. She will never let him stomp on her dignity.
“If it’s true, then I won’t fire you.” Alex answered without even breaking their staring and not even moving an inch away from her.
“But it’s true.”
“Say it then.” Alex commanded. Catherine took a deep breath before answering.
“You, Mr. Grey, are a bastard.”
Just a second ago, Catherine was so brave to call her employer a bastard, and the next thing was she was clinging on his shoulders for support. Alex ravaged her in a kiss that left them burning for more. Catherine was surprised and taken aback at Alex’s unexpected move. When Catherine opened her mouth to protest, Alex’s skillful tongue entered her mouth and tasted her. Catherine began to moan as she was overcome by the suddenness and the undeniable skill of Alex that will melt even the strongest woman’s will. She felt dizzy and her legs weakened to jelly, and she had no choice but to cling to Alex for support or she will surely fall down the floor. Alex pinned her body to the wall and continued kissing her. Hell, it was the best French Kiss Catherine had ever had.
“Catherine…” Alex murmured in between kisses.
“Hmm?” she grunted in question.
“I didn’t expect this from the likes of you.”
It was an emotional slap to Catherine, although she managed to physically slap Alex. The sharp sound woke Amy up.
“Cathy? Daddy?” the child said while rubbing her eyes. Alex walked out of the room while Cathy rushed to the child’s bedside.
“Good morning, Amy. How’s your sleep?” Catherine asked; her voice still shaky from her encounter with Alex. Luckily, Amy did not see anything.
“Fine. Where did daddy go?” Amy asked.
“I don’t know, but he just checked on you a while ago.” Catherine lied. Amy bought the lie and jumped out from the bed when she called Catherine again.
“Your lipstick smudged.” Amy pointed. Cathy blushed a bright red.
Alex didn’t know what to think about. He’s a cool and analytical person, but when he is around his daughter’s caregiver, his mood was trudging on water. He can’t help but be irritated at Catherine’s clumsiness and the obvious truth that she had hid something from him during their conversation in the library. Also, who is Michael, and why was he feeling angry whenever he thinks about it?
He can’t also deny the fact that he thoroughly enjoyed kissing her. Her very soft lips tasted of cinnamon, while her familiar scent of vanilla has been retained to his senses. Odd, but he thought of Catherine like she was a magnet that attracts unpredictability and burst of emotions.
He decided to leave the house, but when it was already evening, he still didn’t feel the need to go home. Amy is with a maid so he doesn’t have anything to worry about.
It is himself that he needs to worry about.
The whole day passed but there was no one in his mind except for Catherine Cole. The unpredictable woman blew his concentration away, until he decided that it was his distrust to her which is the reason why he always feels hot-headed when he is around her, and her feistiness makes her sexually attractive to him.
To cool the heat that their kissing left burning, Alex went to a well-known bar. He needs some drinks and other girls to distract him. He needs a caregiver for Amy, so he has to find a way to cool his temper down on Catherine.
He just arrived when the show was about to start. He stood on the farthest corner, but even his considerable height made it easier for him to see the girl on stage.
She was wearing a leather one-piece suit with laces on her legs. Her hair was tied to a sloppy, sexy bun, and her face was covered with a black mask. Her stilettos are dangerously high, but it looked so sexy too. The slow music started and then she slowly turned, swaying her lithe body while removing the clips on her hair.
She had a long, brunette hair with the tips curled to perfection.
Alex thought that the dancer was quite familiar. The height, the hair, the skin…
The dancer slowly removed her mask and Alex was surprised.
Catherine Cole was dancing on stage with an outfit for a porn star and with all the other men’s eyes feasting on her body.
The music turned slower and more erotic as Catherine started to dance. Her moves are sensual. She was not dancing suggestively, but you can’t help but want her. The feeling was as if she was dancing only for you. Alex looked around and saw men drooling literally. Furious, he quickly walked right to the stage and grabbed Catherine by the arm. Everyone inside the bar started to protest, and Catherine, who recognized the man who grabbed her as soon as the spotlights hit them, almost swooned in fright. The people in the bar tried to stop Alex, but to no avail. Alex dragged her to his car and pushed her on the passenger’s seat before getting in himself. At that moment, Catherine regained her composure.
“What are you doing?!” she yelled as Alex drove recklessly, away from the bar. They sped more than the mandated limit but he seemed to not care. Catherine held on in fright.
“Stop the car! Please!” she begged repeatedly until Alex dangerously swerved the car to the side of the road. There were only a few cars going by, and there was nothing on the side of the road except for trees. Catherine tried to get off the car, but the control for lock was at Alex’s side.
“What the hell are you doing, dancing up there?!” Alex asked angrily, his eyes burning in rage. Catherine was embarrassed at having caught by his employer working on a job like that, but she has to defend herself.
“It’s my night job.” Catherine admitted. Alex laughed horribly.
“Oh, so the ‘family’ you work for as a ‘caregiver’…all of that was just a show?” Alex asked. Catherine nodded. They stayed quiet until Alex spoke.
“You’re fired.”
“No!” Catherine cried, tears streaming down her face. Now that it was her last day at the bar, she can’t be fired all of a sudden!
“Yes, you are! I can’t stand the thought of my child being taken care of by a prostitute. Who knows what all sorts of things you are telling her?” Alex answered angrily. Catherine cried even more as the truth in his words hit her like daggers.
“Please, I need a job!” Catherine begged, but Alex was deaf to her pleas. He angrily removed his jacket and threw it to Catherine’s way.
“Wear that.” He simply said. Catherine threw it back to him and it hit his face.
“What the hell?!” Alex cursed. Catherine faced him as she sobbed, her breasts heaving. It seemed to not occur to hear that she was wearing practically a porn star’s clothing and no matter how angry he is; Alex is still a man.
“I know what I am and I know that my night work isn’t something to be proud of, but please don’t judge me! I have reasons to why I entered this work! Also, I never taught Amy anything you won’t like!” Catherine said fervently. Alex watched her as she blurted out her hate to Alex.
“Ever since we met, you never treated me like a human! You always judge me and now, you’re judging me again! I am a bar dancer but I never went to tables. I never took a customer. I never went with someone out! All my life, I did all jobs available for Michael!” Catherine added. Alex started calming down.
“Who is Michael?”
“Why will I ever explain?! I am fired, am I? Open this door so I can now go home!” Catherine yelled. Alex held her in place.
“Who is Michael?” he asked again. This time, he was calm. Catherine started to calm herself too.
“Michael…is my brother. He is 7 years old and the only family I have. I have to support him and our life together as a family.” Catherine answered. “Before I was hired as a caregiver for Amy, I was let go from a job. I don’t mind applying to every company hiring, but times were low and I have no money to even buy a complete meal for Michael, so I resorted to dancing. I just danced. I had never let any man touch me.” Catherine explained.
“No man ever touched you?” Alex asked in disbelief. Catherine shook her head.
“At Amy’s room…it was my first kiss.” Catherine admitted, her cheeks burning red. She would understand if Alex won’t believe her, but all she had to tell is the truth.
“Catherine…” Alex murmured. Catherine looked at his eyes.
“I understand if you don’t want me to take care of your daughter anymore, but if it is not much to ask, can you please give me a good recommendation at least?” she asked sincerely.
“Catherine…” Alex whispered again and the next thing they knew, they were kissing inside his car, with Alex’s jacket hanging on the windshield to avoid the passers-by from seeing them. Catherine was just so worn out that she did not have the strength to resist Alex. She was so tired of her life that all she ever asked is someone who could protect her. Tonight, Alex did that.
But he was her employer and he just fired her for working indecently.
Catherine pushed away.
“Let go of me!” she said, and Alex conceded. They were both breathing heavily, their eyes glowing in a mixture of anger, lust, and awe. Catherine did not want to be pitied, and Alex wanted to comfort the wounded soul beside him.
“Catherine, I can hire you back, on one condition.” Alex said. Catherine wanted to refuse, but what about Michael?
“What condition?” Catherine asked.
“You will just work for me and Amy, and you’ll stay in our house.” Alex said. Catherine’s pride was screaming to refuse, but her mind was telling her that it is the best for her and Michael.
“I can’t sleep there. Michael doesn’t have anyone with him in the night.” She replied. Alex gave her a small smile.
“Take him with you.”
The truth really set Catherine free.
She found a savior in Alex, and even though they had a rough start, he and Amy started to grow on her. Alex was just mean when you get to know him, but inside, he was soft, caring, sensitive, and doting. He always showers Amy and Catherine presents, and even if Catherine is not materialistic, she loved that Alex doesn’t forget about her when he comes home. Michael lived with her in Alex’s house, and the children became playmates. Catherine became happier as each day passes, and Alex was going home more often than before. One day, Amy told that to Catherine.
“Cathy, daddy is now visiting more often, isn’t he?” Amy asked. Catherine nodded.
“Yes, he loves to see you.” She smiled. Amy shook her head.
“It’s not only me. Daddy visits more often because of you.” Amy said, and Catherine laughed.
“Of course not, Amy.” She said, when another voice joined in.
“Catherine, come with me to the library.” A voice said from the door. Amy burst in happiness.
“Daddy!” she said and then hugged him tight. Alex returned the favor and then asked a maid to stay with Amy. Meanwhile, he and Catherine went to the library. When the door closed, Alex grabbed her hand and pinned her at the back of the door.
“Of course.” He said. Catherine’s face showed confusion.
“What do you mean?” she asked. Alex traced her face with the back of his hand before answering.
“Amy said I’m coming home more often because of you. It’s true, Catherine. I come home because of Amy and you. You’re a magnet for me, Catherine. You attract me like nothing can.” Alex whispered and then kissed her slowly, taking time to savor the moment. Catherine closed her eyes and opened her mouth, letting Alex taste her. The sexual tension built up until Alex was ravaging her mouth with his sweet and expert exploration.
“Alex…” Catherine whispered, her eyes glowing with lust. Alex smiled when he saw the effect his touch made on her. He put Catherine’s both hands on his hips and tasted her sweet mouth again.
Alex is the savior and protector Catherine was waiting for.
Catherine is the angel for Alex and Amy.
Alex whispered love words in her ear as they savored the joy of sharing a special bond like this. “Baby…” Alex whispered as he held on tight to Catherine’s soft and warm body.
“Yes?” Catherine replied.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“Does this mean that you will…” Catherine whispered.
“Yes, I’ll propose…” Alex murmured, feigning irritation. “But not now, okay? I’m so tired.” He said and before Catherine could reply, Alex already fell asleep. It was a good thing that the desk was almost as big as a regular sized bed, for if not, it could have given way from their lovemaking.
She never knew that she could even be happier than when Alex took her and Michael under his wing.
Alex did what he said after they first made love. He proposed to her in the sweetest way possible, and Catherine accepted his invitation of living with him until forever. Amy was so happy to have Cathy as her new mother, and Michael was also fond of Alex as much as Amy was fond of Catherine.
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