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There lived a boy in villa and he was very handsome and attractive he has visited many places acorss world their family was rich he has 1sister and no brothers his father was working in
a good company he was small when he visited other places and when he came to an age of 10-15 his father died his has no love on his dad because his father was working all day in company and
he was coming at night late so the boy had no love on his dad and after that when he was some 17-18years old his mother also dead because his father also dead and his mother also he loved his mom very much
because he was always with his mom only he was very sad and unhappy after some days the boy had nobody with him so he wanted to make some friends till that the boy was not interested with anybody so he was not having
any friends he just romed all the city at morning and come back at night he continued the same 2-3 days after that he got a friend who was very closely with everyone he made him friend and they started becoming close friends
in few day they become bestfriends they rome all the city from morning to night by enjoying eveyday he got some more friends also by his friend he started roming all city and being with his friends after few days he saw a beautyfull
girl in his city he felt in love with her few days he was just seeing that girl and one day when he went to meet his friend one girl called him and said him i love u he got shocked and went away silentely from there the next day when he
went to his friend house he saw that girl again with the girl whom he was loving he trys to talk the girl whom he was loving but the girl who said she loves him she did not let it hapen finaly both the girls were beautiful and the boy loved
that girl only the boy once told that girl i love u and i did not love that girl that girl went away silentely and boy also the next day he just see the girl who propsed him he was very close to everybody so that girl thought that the was also
in love with her and she started to send messages to that boy but boy only loved that girl that girl was not there in the city after few days she cameback to city the boy wanted to propose that girl so he made a plan and he told the proposred
girl i love u and he started talking her and the she was very happy but the girl whom boy loved was unhappy because she was also in love with her the boy loved the proposed girl to see wether that girl whom he loved she love him or not finaly
he came to know that girl also loved him and she was also wanted to propose him but her friend told her she loves that boy so she silentely hide her love because of her friend the boy proposed her again the girl said my friend is loving u and went away
the boy got sad and he was upset for some days after some days when boy was not having any hope that she will love him he just said yes for her friends proposel and he started talking with that girl when ever that girl see the boy she cry and live the place
once the girl also had love on that boy but because of time or her badluck she lose the love in life and the boy also loses his love in life and the real and pure love of they both is hiden for permenentaly.
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