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Love at Hostel: Love Story
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It was sunday morning, Ria was upset at her mother's behaviour with whom she had a quarrel. She went into a corner and began to cry. She had no option except tolerating it because she had no job by which she can go far from her family and live peacefully. One day she saw a vacancy of a contract teacher in a boarding school in a local newspaper. She applied and after a interview she was selected. The school was far from her home and she had to live there with students. She reached on sunday evening. After all formalities she went into her room where she saw all students came like group of locusts to welcome her. She lost herself among them. Anyhow she managed them. They were very close to the teachers. Next morning Ria went to the class and took introduction. At once she saw that a lovely girl was smiling. She asked her but she hides her face with a book. Ria also smiled at her behaviour. Her name was Shushmita. Her father was murdered so Ria had sympathy for her. In the very first meeting both were impressed by one another. Ria began to like her. She had an special place for Shushmita in her heart. Shushmita also liked her. Ria was a thoughtful lady so she began to think about her feelings. She couldn't understand her feelings. She couldn't decide. She was swinging in a dilemma, "Do I love her, no. I can't love a girl." After some days, Shushmita fell ill. Ria became sad. She didn't sleep whole night to take care Shushmita. In two days she became well. Both of them were happy. Seeing this, all girls began to jealous Shushmita. They were seeking chances to insult her. Then Ria called her in her room so that none could pester her. But none was ready to share their bed with her. Having no option Ria shared her bed. Gradually both came closer. They took care everything of one another. Other girls couldn't bear it and began to conspire. One day the principal called Ria and blamed her having husband-wife relationship with Shushmita. Ria surprised with her charges but she didn't tell anything. The principal sent Shushmita in her former room and forbade them to meet or talk. Ria was extremely sad and used to cry secretly. After sometimes anyhow they managed to see one another at a distance. By this they felt happiness. But other girls couldn't tolerate it and told everything to the principal who was seeking a reason to embarrasse Ria because she was the best teacher of school. The principal blamed her for involving in immoral activities and threatened to suspend. Ria told that they are taking her wrongly and she returned to her room. She packed all her belongings and decided to leave this job. Early morning as she was ready to go, the principal asked about her return. Ria told that she haven't decided and she would reply after some days.
love at hostel

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