Love Forever

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I just woke up and all I could feel was pain. I looked down at my stomach and saw blood. I thought “OMG! WHAT HAPPENED.” Next thing I knew I saw a hospital. I bet you're wondering how this all started well, I will tell you. This is about five months earlier.
I went to my school and saw my bff Britney and so I said ‘Hi, shouldn't you be in class” “Ya, but I wanted to see you” “Ok let's go to class.” When we got to class Mrs. Brown was next to some boy in front of the whole class. Mrs. Brown said “Hello class this is our new student Alex, why don't you go set next to Emily” Alex said “Yes Mrs. Brown” he walked to his desk next to mine. He whispered to me “Hey Emily right?” I said “Yes what do u want?” “I need a textbook I forgot mine at my house” “We are going to get in trouble, but you're in luck I have an extra here you go” “Thanks” ‘Your we….” we were rudely interrupted by Mrs. Brown “Hey! Listen please” me and Alex said “Sorry Mrs. Brown.” After school Alex ran up to me and said “Hey Emily you forgot your purse in class” I said “Oh, thanks Alex” “You're welcome” I got into the car.
Few hours later at my house before I went to bed I layed down on my bed. I kept thinking to myself about Alex. For some reason he won't stay out of my mind. I think I..I have a crush on him. I CAN'T HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM YET I JUST MET HIM! I hate my feelings.
The next morning I went to school. I went into class and saw Alex so I sat next to him. I couldn't stop staring at him it's just something about him I liked. He whispered to me “Hey Emily, Emily hey” I said “What is it” “I was wondering….” “What is it tell me” “If u know want to go out tonight me and the buddies are going to a party tonight” “Ok after class tell me the address” “Ok well you need to stop flirting with me” “I am not flirting” I started blushing and laughing with Alex. After class Alex and me met up, he said “The address is 546 lanberry street” “Ok got it here is my phone number just incase you know” “Ya I know” we started giggling.
I got back home and went straight to my room and layed down thinking about Alex. I put on my pink diamond earrings and put my shiny, pink, and fabulous lipstick on. I heard a doorbell from downstairs. I went down the stairs. I opened the door and saw Alex, so I grabbed his hand and went into the car with him.
I saw three men one was his best friend Justin, One was his cousin Jake, and the last one was his brother Edward. We all went to the address. We were dancing and drinking. Alex came up to me and said “May I have this dance my lady” I said “I would love that” we were dancing to a slow dancing. I looked up looking at his blue, beautiful, and gazing eyes and I thought to myself “This is it he is finally going to kiss me yay!” one of the girls yelled “Spin the bottle everyone.”
We all sat in a circle. Britney my bff went first. Her spin landed on Jake, so she got up and started kissing him. Then it was my turn to spin. I kept hoping it would land on Alex and it didn't, it landed on Britney. I got up and went forward, me and Britney started kissing.
All the boys were looking at us in surprise. Me and Britney laughed so hard. It was Alex turn I hope it is me. His spin landed on me. We both got into a closet and started kissing.
He kissed me and it was magical, but Britney’s mom came in so me and Alex got right out the closet. We all went home that night. Alex walked me home to my door. He said “I had a great time with you Emily” I said “I did to” we both were looking into each other's eyes. We closed our eyes and as soon as I knew it we were kissing.
That night I was sound asleep. it is Saturday, which means no school. Alex called me and said “Hey, babe want to have a picnic today” I said “Sure I would love that” I ended the call. We were at the park and he brought champagne and triangle sandwiches. We were laying down and suddenly I couldn't breath it felt like someone was choking me. It was complete darkness I could hear Alex screaming for help and saying I am going to be ok. I woke up in a hospital bed next to Alex.
Alex came close to me and said “Baby you're ok I am so relieved” I said “What... What happened to me” “We are not sure yet” “Oh, ok” Alex started crying and said “Baby, I love you so much I thought you were dead” “Baby, I love you to.” A few days later we went on a dinner date. Me and Alex were setting at a table together and Alex said “Hey, baby I promise we will stay together forever” I said “Ok baby we will” “I got you a promise ring” “Aw, baby you didn't have to” “It's ok I wanted to.” After dinner I went back to my house. While I was in my bed I saw Alex climbing up to my window.
I opened my window for him. He got into my room and I said “What are you doing here” he said “I wanted to see you” “Oh, ok well thank you Alex” “I think I need more than a thank you” “You sure do” I kissed his soft lips and I went into my bathroom. He layed on top of my bed with his shirt off showing his abs I felt so nervous, I know that is funny, but that is how us girls are. We kept kissing until my mom busted into my room and yelled “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” “MOM! GET OUT!” Alex said “I am so sorry Mrs. Covert” Mom said “GET OFF MY DAUGHTER!” he went out the window and I said “Mom what are you doing” “Baby I don't want you to ever see this boy again” “I don't care what you say you can't make me stop loving him” mom went to her room. I felt so embarrassed.
I can't believe today is my birthday I am finally eighteen years old. I am an adult. I called Alex and said “Baby I am eighteen can I move in with you” he said “Sure babe whatever you want.” I got my suitcase and started stuffing my clothes and items. My mom came in and said “Why are you packing sweetie” I said “I am moving out” “What you can't” “Yes I can I am an adult” “Well, happy birthday I love you and I will miss you” “I will miss you to mom bye” I kissed her and hugged her goodbye.
I knocked on Alex’s door. He opened the door for me and I went in. Alex showed me to our room and said “I hope you don't mind us sleeping together baby” I said “Oh, I don't mind” “Ok I will make you a birthday breakfast you just set down and look beautiful” “Ok baby.” I went into the kitchen and saw Alex on the floor. I thought to myself “OMG! BABY PLEASE DON'T DIE ON ME!” I went on the floor and did CPR.
I called 911 and said “My boyfriend is on the floor not responding” “Ok please don't panic a car is coming” “Omg I am scared” “Did you check the pulse” “He is breathing” “The police is five minutes away.” I ended the call and saw the ambulance. I went into the hospital with them. I was crying on top of him. The doctor said “It was just a mild allergy” I said “Thank you doctor will he be alright” “Yes, but you need to let him rest” I left the room.
A few days later Alex was sitting on the couch. I sat next to him and he said “We can't see each other no longer” I said “Why not I love you” “Well, I don't love you” “What baby please be joking” “I am not I am sorry” “Baby I cared for you and I loved you” “Goodbye Emily” I ran out crying. Everyday I would just lay on my bed crying. My mom came into my room saying “Baby you need to eat and drink” I said “I can't what is the point” my mom left the room. I went to school and saw Alex and I just started crying again.
My bff Britney went to my house a couple of times, but my mom said I was sleeping every time. Britney came to Alex’s house and said “Look at what you did to Emily she hasn’t been eating or drinking” Alex said nothing “You are a monster.” I went into my bathroom and started cutting myself everyday, I did that because I wanted to see if I could still feel pain. I cut on my arms and legs. At school I would hear people saying Alex was dying and he would be dead in a few days, but I didn't believe them.
One day I looked at myself and I punched the mirror. Glass flew everywhere on the floor. I grabbed a big sharp piece of glass. I cut my arms and legs with it then I stabbed it into my stomach. I was getting it all on record to.
Alex saw it and ran straight to my house. He went into my bathroom and saw me covered in blood and glass everywhere. He called 911 and kept saying he was sorry. That is where we left off at. I woke up looking down seeing blood on my stomach.
I passed out right away. I could hear Alex saying “I am sorry Emily” “I should have told you the truth” What truth is he talking about Alex said “I have brain cancer that day I passed out was the day they found out” “I didn't want to worry you and I didn't want you to be heartbroken so I broke up with you, but now I realize it hurt you more than me and I am sorry please wake up” I opened my eyes very slowly. I saw Alex crying and I said “Alex...Is that you” he said “Yes...Yes it is” “Why did you lie to me” “I didn't want to worry you” “I could have taken it” “I know I should have but I was too scared” I fell asleep.
The doctor came in and said “I fear she will not make it I am sorry” Alex said “Is there anyway we can save her” “Well, she lost a lot of blood and we need blood now she will be dead by tomorrow” “You can take all my blood” “That would be to much you would die” “I don't care I want her to live” “Are you sure” “Yes.” Alex and me were on two separate tables connected to ivy. Few hours later I woke up and said “I am alive” the doctor said “I am so very sorry” I said “Where is Alex” “I am sorry he gave his life for your life” “ this can't be happening” “I will leave you alone.” I heard Alex voice saying “Goodbye I love you” I said “Please come back.” That night I grabbed the scalpel from the stand and sliced my neck opened. I saw Alex in heaven.
We both grabbed each other’s hands and Alex said “You killed yourself why?” “I wanted to be with you forever.” We both held hands and went into the gates of heaven.
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