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This story is about life and how it is going on. At my school you have three groups the popular group, the middle group, and the nerd group. For me I am in the middle group. I have a group of friends at my school I luv them all. There is this new girl that just transferred. I don't really know if I should trust her or not, but why not be friends. I said "Um, hi there my name I." "ugh...what a loser why are you talking to me" "I just wanted to welcome you" "Well, I don't care now leave me alone loser." She pushed me down. Some kind of sadness came down upon me and for the rest of the day I just felt alone. After school me and my sister were talking and a bunch of popular girls came up to us. Chelsea the leader of the group asked for my sis lunch money. My sis gave it to her. Mackenzie the follower kicked my sis in the stomach. Some kind of rage fulfilled me and I started punching them and killing them. After realizing what I have done I ran grabbing my sister's hand. When I got home I was crying and I locked my door. After awhile I asked myself why did I do that? then I started laughing and laughing. At night I saw my mom and dad I went into the bedroom and grabbed the knife off the dresser and started stabbing my mom. My dad woke up and called the police. Once the police arrested me they sent me to an asylum. I met my friend drake and he was cute and funny. We were insanely in love. One night the doctor left the keys on his desk. Me and drake grabbed the keys and ran out. Shortly after we heard the sirens. That night we kissed under the tree. Years after me and Drake got married. Everyday I would think of the day we ran. The next day, the doorbell rang and when I opened the door I was tackled down. The doctor found us after fifteen years. I had to watch my own husband execution. They executed me next. While on the execution chair I was thinking about Drake. My tears has stopped the chair so they just locked me up for life. Now I am telling my story form my jail cell please share it.I am now putting a gun to my head goodbye everyone.
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