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The door slams “Surprise!” John shouts excitedly. “Hi John what have you got there for me?” Says Sally. “I shall announce our trip for a holiday to America! Booked our flight tickets, accommodation and my business!” he hands the tickets over to her Sally glances down and studies the tickets “Oh but what abo…” “No excuses this will be marvelous can you imagine being at Hollywood it would be incredible!” John says pointing a finger straight at Sally “Hollywood?” Sally asks “Los Angeles now pack and be ready by 9:00pm our flight is at 10:00” Sally gives a sigh I guess this will be okay after all I was sick and tired of living in Canada in an old rusty unit we needed this adventurous journey maybe it would be for the better Sally thinks inside her head.
When we arrived at the airport we both jumped in our Air Canada plane and off we flew to America Sally gave John a hesitating look “Don’t worry Sweetheart everything is going to be fantastic” as he smiles showing his dimples along the two sides of his mouth trying to convince her to acknowledge the truth “Sally tries to believe him and smiles back at her lover. She laid and rested her head on johns shoulder as they peacefully, smoothly, unknowingly didn’t know what was a-waiting for them but they flew.
They landed very roughly this time disembarked the plane shot the nearest taxi and they drove to their apartment that they were going to stay in for the next 3 months. Their suburb was called Santa Monica and was close to the beach as-well. They will definitely check that beach out in their free times but now it was all about the two of them were they going to be satisfied, pleased and happy? Their apartment was called Citrus Suites as they entered the apartment Sally first of all noticed the coral color of their new home and the arctic pool she felt as if she craved for a desire to jump into the pool. They got into the first floor and unconsciously found themselves in bed for that night because they were so fatigued and tired.
The next day Sally woke up and went into the kitchen opened up the fridge and saw nothing. “Of course there will be nothing to eat we just came in last night silly me” Sally thought. 5 minutes later John wakes up comes straight towards me yawning “Good morning sunshine” “Good morning my love” John leans over to kiss her cheek. “So what do you think of our new home?” “It’s Spectacular” “splendid” he replies “I’m glad you like it see I told you everything will go well” “So today is Sunday why don’t I grab a coffee and then we can head our way to the pool?” “That would be awesome” “okay back in 10”
After we had our coffee we headed our way down to the pool like we said to experience that peaceful serenity, sunshine sinking, fulfilling into our body and soul, the air was aromatic and fragrance was sweet-scented. Everything was going amazing we were having the time of our lives. John was splashing and splattering the water at me, Sally comes closer touches his wet body with her hands and hugs him feeling naked and drenched from the water. They spend the whole day together at the pool after that they have a long cold shower.
The next day was Monday john was very keen on going to work “Where are you going dressed up in your suit?” “I’m going to work” “But wouldn’t you like to spend some time off with me?” “We will have plenty of time for that a business man doesn’t wait” He smiles and gives her a kiss on the lips I’ll be back at 5. Sally enjoys reading fictional books and writing stories in her spare time but today she thought of going shopping to buy some food because there seemed to be nothing to eat for lunch, she calls a taxi hops on and off she goes to Santa Monica place shopping Centre.
When she comes home with her hands and arms full of shopping bags and groceries she decides to cook some food to eat for dinner with john she cooked john’s favorite dish specially for him. After cooking she sat on her comfy swinging chair and read a book during that time she fell asleep any minute the doorbell rang she knew it was john she hoped off the chair clumsily and opened the door “hello gorgeous you look sleepy” “yeah I had a nap while reading” john came in with his business bag and laptop dropped everything down and sat down on the sofa he gave a deep loud sigh. “How was the first day of work?” “Terrific writing letters, reports, answering phones as usual” he answers “that’s brilliant guess what?” “What” “I cooked you spaghetti bolognaise” “Italian food ah my favorite thanks hun” johns gulps down on his food “I have a meeting dinner tomorrow we are going to discuss about our new project” “that’s excellent” sally reply’s in great wonder “yeah so excited” later that day they watch a couple of movies and go to bed.
When john completed his meeting sally and john decide to go to the Santa Monica state beach in the evening, the sun was setting it was getting a little dark and cooler they walk along the sand barefoot holding each other’s hands “I have some great news for you” “oh what is it?” john waited and didn’t reply early he inhaled and holded his breath then said “our boss has ordered me to go to Paris to meet new employers for our project” “that’s fabulous!” sally yells “you know what since we have good news and everything has turned out wonderfully, spontaneously in Los Angeles I want to thank you for taking me with you” “oh no don’t thank me thank love because wherever we go our love will come with us”
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