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Make A Man Fall In Love With You
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''If only I could get this man to fall in love with me.'' This may be what you are thinking about a man you may be attracted to as you read this piece. Here are some things you can do to make the man of your dreams fall in love with you, and even commit to a long-lasting relationship. You need to show true wisdom, show no partiality, show cleanliness, and show self-confidence.
True wisdom is pure , which means that it is free from self-interest. If you want a man to love you, you must have a “we” attitude, not a “me” attitude. You must show to him that you always think of both of you, and not your selfish interests only. When you do that, you demonstrate to him that you will be prepared to make sacrifices in the relationship, and most men want a woman who is prepared to sacrifice at some point in the relationship.
True wisdom is also peaceable . This means that it delights in peace. It seeks to promote peace, an inner state of mind which is not quarrelsome and contentious. When you always try to make peace when you have a disagreement with a man, it acts on his spirit positively. He sees that you would be prepared to respect him when he marries you. It also suggests to him that you will try to maintain peace in the home, and a man wants a woman who will maintain peace so that he can have his peace of mind to focus on his work.
True wisdom is gentle, which implies that it is considerate, kind, and forbearing. It is also “easy to be entreated”- which implies that those who possess true wisdom are approachable. They are not beyond appeal. They are open to other points of view. When your man wrongs you, or you have a fight and you are ready to see his side of the story, you show to him that you will be understanding. And a man wants to marry a woman who will be understanding, considerate, and open to his point of view.
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