Love Story- My First Kiss
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my name is daisy..i gonna share my feeling when my crush kissed me for first time.;) i have a frnd whoz name is andy..when i saw him for first time i fell in love with him but i
never share my feeling with andy or anyone..i tried to talk with him many times but my every trail went wrong.i loose my hopes and start to
delete him from my mind.
One day unexpectedly i got a msg from happiness was up to the sky..then we began to
chat..we become close frnds..we alawys talk,chat for late nights.
One fine day andy messaged me that he wants to meet me then i agreed..its was night 7:30 we meet in a street which was our meeting spot then andy said " daisy i wanted to say u something u r a nice girl and thanks for coming into my life i began to love you daisy..I LOVE
YOU" then i was totally blank and num..then i said I TOO LOVE YOU ..then andy hug me and i too
hugged him.. After two days we meet in the same spot and talked for some time then suddenly andy dragged me to him and kept his hand on my waist then his looks gone on my lips and then back to my eyes.he kissed my lips..his lips are on my lips.the best feeling in the world is kissing someone for the first time when u have wanted
to kiss them for a long time..when it ends i looked into andy's eyes by smiling and hugged him when im about to go he hugged me very tightly thats what i wanted in my life..that was the most memorable day in my life..even i lost my memory i will never forget my first kiss..:)
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