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My Sweetheart Love - Best Romantic Poem Online
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For her I would do anything
To make her happy and loved
Travel the world to see her smile
Your love is so powerful it's what I truly seek
For you I travel around the world
Give you every bit off love I have
Walk the hottest desert sand
And travel the coldest places
To see your beautiful smile
For you are my sweetheart
Your deep inside my heart
Your the love inside my heart
You have truly touched my heart
Only for your love I'm strong
Your love keeps me sane
You make me a better man
Showed me what true love is about
For I'm never alone with you
Your the reason why I'm alive
My passion for love is strong
All the love inside me is from you
You came into my life
And made he happy
Each time you took my breath away
My heart skips every beat for your love
Your magical beauty
Your perfect smell
Your soft lips soft gentle face
Your beauty I'll always love
For we are together
Your truly sent from above
Your the angel I need in life
For whom I do truly love.
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