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This story is based off a anime I watched. Today is my first year at high school. I am fifteen years old and I am really shy. The teacher Mrs.Ayami made me stand in front of the class and say my name. As soon as I saw my classmates I hide under Mrs.Ayami desk. Mrs...Ayami yelled "Isako wear are you" I didn't respond. Mrs.Ayami finally found me under her desk. I thought to myself "At least tell them your name" I went in front of everyone and said "My...my name is Isa.." A guy walked in and said "Isako is that you" I whispered "You interrupted me." Mrs.Ayami said "You're late again" "Sorry Mrs.Ayami" "Plz take your seat." I sat right next to the rude selfish boy. He said "You are so small you remind me of something" a girl butted in and said "Maybe she is short to you because you are tall" "No that is not it maybe like an actress or something" "Ok" "Ha ha, I got it you remind me of a fluffy chick." After class, My best friend Saki went up to me and screamed we finally have the same classes" "Yeah" "Hey, If u hang out with that Akito guy you will have more friends" "That is it I don't want friends I am shy" "He is very popular though" "I think we better go to class." After class Isako saw Atiko with a group of friends. Atiko saw her staring and he smiled, Atiko smiled back. The next day, Isako left her textbook at home and asked Atiko "Can I borrow your textbook" he was sleeping, but she saw him handing it to her and smiling. After class Isako and Saki was about to walk home, but Saki said "Sorry I gotta go the girls are about to do club activities text you later" "Bye." The next day while they were in class Atiko was talking to Isako. Isako said "Um, I forgot my textbook again can I share with you" "Sure." They both shared the textbook. Isako went up the board to write a problem, but heard Atiko voice yelling "YOUR PANTIES ARE SHOWING!" I quickly ran to the bathroom stall. Atiko ran after me and said "Hey I am sorry for laughing" "Waaaaa" "The reason why I set there all the time is because I am so tall, look I am sorry can u come out" Isako came out the stall, but in a different stall. Isako friends were outside waiting for her. Norito said "If I were you I would punch all the guys that laughed." Later that afternoon Atiko asked Isako "Do. You like me" "Uh, yes." The next day Isako and Atiko watched the fireworks. While watching the fireworks a man pushed Isako on top of Atiko. Isako said "Uh...I am so..sorry" "It's ok." They began to kiss each other. Atiko just asked "Did we just kiss" "I think we did" "I like it you want to kiss again" "Uh, sure" They both kissed. That night Atiko said "I will walk you home" "No it is alright I can drive home" "Ok, but be careful out there" "Ok thanks. "While Isako was driving she gotten sleepier and sleepier. She had closed her eyes for a second and saw a car right in front of her quickly she turned the wheel. She was heading for a large tree and went straight into the tree. The guy in the car was Atiko and he ran straight towards Isako. He called an ambulance and he tried to get Isako out the car. He grabbed Isako from the car and carried her out into the grass right before the car exploded. The ambulance arrived and drove Atiko and Isako to the hospital. At the hospital he was waiting for Isako to get out the OR. As soon as visitors were allowed he ran right into the room hoping Isako is ok. When he got into the room he saw a doctor with Isako. The doctor said "She will be staying for a few days" “How bad is it doctor?" "She had a few bruises and scratches she also has a concussion, but that is all thanks to her hitting the tree instead of you" "Ok doctor" "I will leave you alone with her." The doctor left the room and Atiko went beside her bed. Isako whispered "Ati..Atiko is that you?" "Yes Isako it is me" "What happened to me Atiko" "You were in a car crash and you should be released in a few days" "Thank you so much for being here Atiko" "Your welcome I think you should get some rest I love you so much goodbye" "I..Love you to." Later that night a girl showed up at Atiko's door. Atiko opened his door and saw his ex-girlfriend Maki.Maki said "Hello" "Um, hi what are you doing here" "Just brought over some flowers" "Ok..." "Do you want to play" Uh.." she put Atiko's arms on her hips and she kissed him. Atiko quickly shoved her and said "Woah, I don't love you like that anymore I have a girlfriend" "What i am so sorry where is she" "In the hospital" "I am going to your school now" "Ok wow, I think you should go now" "Ok love you baby." The next day at the school Atiko saw Isako and he said "Hi, I thought you were getting released in a few days" "I guess not." As they were talking Maki was staring at them filled with anger. Maki walked up to them and said "Hi my name is Maki" Isako said "Oh, Hi my name is Isako and this is Atiko" "I know I am his ex-girlfriend" "Oh, ok we need to go to class see you later." During class Maki said to Atiko "Why don't you love me I can be just like Isako" "I am sorry Maki I. Just.on't love you" the teacher asked "Mr.Atiko can you move another seat." After school Maki invited Isako over at Atiko's place. When Maki got to Atiko's place she knocked on the door. Atiko opened the door and saw Maki and asked "Why are you here" "I wanted to make you tea as an apologies" "Ok." While they were drinking tea Maki forced Atiko to kiss her. As she was kissing him Isako saw Maki kissing him and ran out crying Atiko said "Wait it isn't what it looks like" he ran after her. He caught up to her and said "I need to tell you the truth" Isako said "Fine" "When me and Maki was going out she would always get jealous and every time I would talk to a girl the next the girl would be sick what I am saying is she is crazy" "Then what did I just see" "She knew you were coming so she forced me to kiss her so she would make you break up with me" "Are you telling the truth" "Yes and you should not go near her" "Ok I love you baby" "I love you to" They both kissed. The next morning Atiko said to Isako "Would you want to go to the new restaurant to night?" "I would love to" "When would you like me to pick you up" "About seven" "Ok I got to go love you." Maki overheard Isako and Atiko talking and Maki was going make Isako pay for what she did that night. Later that night on their date. Atiko got on one knee and said "Isako would you do the honor of marrying me?" "Yes of course" Isako started to cry and said "Baby I need to go outside to get my box of tissues" "Alright be careful my fiancé" "I will be." Maki was outside the window and saw the proposal she was full of murderous rage and went to Isako's car. While Isako was getting the tissues Maki came up to her with a mask on. Maki broke Isako's legs, but before she could kill Isako Atiko ran outside. Maki ran away right before he could catch her. Atiko saw Isako and carried her inside he knew exactly who done it. Few hours later Isako had casts and was free to go. Atiko asked "Who done this to you?" Isako said "I don't know he or she had a mask on" "I think it was Maki" "Me too" "For your safety you better stay beside me" "Ok I love you" "I love you to." The next day at school Isako's best friend Saki came up to her. Saki said "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" "Yesterday someone attacked me now I have a broken leg" "OH MY GOD ARE YOU ALRIGHT!" "Yes I am fine I have to go to class." During class Isako saw Maki staring at her in anger.After class Isako went to Atiko's place. Atiko said to Isako "I will be right back I have to get some stuff if anyone tries to open the door call me I love you" "Goodbye I love you to." While Isako was on the couch all the power went out. The door was suddenly fell down. Maki was standing there with a knife. She tied up Isako and said "I am going to kill you right in front of my love and then after I kill you he will be all mine" "You don't have to do this" "SHUT UP!" She then kicked Isako. When Atiko got home he saw Maki holding a knife to Isako's heart. He dropped everything.Maki said "If you don't love me then you won't get to love anyone" Atiko said "Please don't I love her" "Too bad" "I love you Maki" "You..you do" "Yes..NOW ISAKO!" Isako grabbed Maki's knife and stabbed Maki with it. Maki fell to the ground saying "I will always love..yo.." She died by bleeding out. They both quickly ran out. Years later they both got married until Isako was killed by poisoning from her husband. Some of my story was based on an anime, but some was not.
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