The Best Gift- Love Story
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How did you meet mom? Was she Beautiful? Where did you meet?
Amit popped Sanju with hundreds of questions about his mom every day and he just choked with half willing answers.
Dad why don’t you answer my questions, asked he, on the dining table that day. Hassled for the next day client meeting Sanju shoved off Amit into his bed asking him to just shut up and sleep.
As he was shifting through files, making presentation, he heard his own voice, “Vennela this is the best gift I could ever have”.
With a teary smile he hugged sobbing Amit and said, “Come I will tell you how I and your mom met. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met.”
Convinced, Amit sat up, eager to know the interesting story. With a crackled voice he began…
“One day I went to the mall to buy micro artistic designs, you know small very small models. I saw 100 models but nothing was good, but the last one was good. So I took it home and took the address of the next exhibition. But you know due to work I just missed it and instead I went to Taj Mahal with my friends. You know the story of Shah Jahan Right?”
Amit nodded.
As Sanju travelled back from memories, he smiled to see Amit’s eyes gleaming with curiosity. He continued…
“But I was upset of not being able to see the models. Suddenly a lady came and said, Shahjahan was the best lover in the world. And you know my anger, I just shouted at her,
“Listen he was not. Mum Taj was his 4th wife, he killed her husband to marry her, and he killed hands of all the people who worked to construct this master piece.”
And your mom just gave me a smile and went by. I was ashamed of my behavior.”
“Dad that was very bad of you. Oh didn’t you recognize it was mom? You should have been polite” popped in Amit.
Having a hearty laugh Sanju chided Amit to not disturb in between.
“I got to know that the exhibition is again after few days, so finally I made it. The designs were very beautiful. There were lots of people, as I had some interest I started to explain the designs to a group. Then suddenly someone came and tapped my shoulder.”
He waited to see Amit gaping with excitement.
“She was the same woman I met in Agra.”
“Oh Mom”, concluded Amit.
“Shhhh. I apologized for my behavior and asked her what she was doing there. This time she grinned and said, “This is my exhibition and you just explained what I hear in my dreams before I design”. I was stunned.”
“So this is how we both met. She used to say everything happens for a reason and its best for all.”
“No this is not true. Why is mom not with us then? What is the reason? Is it best for us?” exclaimed Amit with a hint of anger in his voice.
This time Sanju was out of answers. But he managed to say “No more questions for today. Let’s sleep now”. He tucked half sleepy, but dissatisfied Amit into bed.
“Wow, a gold ring and a micro doll depicting a family. Hmm, so we are planning for a baby. This is best anniversary gift” exclaimed Vennela.
“Yes I know. And one more reason for this celebration, I am going to Boston for the new Project. This is the opportunity I have been waiting. I know you have to stay with your mom. But you will manage right?”
“Yes I will. Your dreams are mine too.”
“You’re about to receive your gift. The baby has arrived”, shyly said Vennela.
“Sweetheart, this is the best gift I could ever have. I regret not being there, but you have to take absolute care until I return back.”
“Yup. I will.”
Doctor: “Mam, I am sorry. But a cancer is also growing with your child in the womb. If we operate you will never become mother again, and if we don’t you will die. You have to decide.”
Vennela: “I will live in my baby.”
“Is everything Okay? How did the tests go? Nothing to worry right?”
“Oh nothing to worry. Just routine checkups. Our baby is fine.”
“Vennela what have you decided for the names?” I asked after returning back.
“As you wish”, replied Vennela.
“Before I go inside promise not to say anything and not to cry if doctors say anything that u r not wanted to listen.” insisted Vennela.
“Hey, nothing is going to happen to you.”
"I am sorry for this. When our love for each other bloating as balloon envied destiny pricked it with the thorn. I will leave your side.”
I got my answer.
“Dad wake up. I will be late for school. Wake up Dad.”
He woke with start, tears in his eyes. Seeing Amit he mumbled, “You did really never left my side.”
Gathering himself, he took Amit by arm saying, ”Come let’s get ready”.
best gift love story

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