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The Choice- Love Story
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Amidst the ocean he was.. looking for me to help him out of that, far I was at the edge where land and ocean met.. slowly proceeding towards him to help him out. There were many hands offered to him but he just wanted my hand to grab and get out of it. Though he was in great turmoil he still had a firm belief that i would take him out of that no matter what. He was not wrong in fact, there was something in him that attracted me towards him. While struggling through the harsh waves my mind wandered back to the incidents that happened, knowingly or unknowingly, when we first met.
The rain was at its best that day wrapping the entire city in the blanket of dark clouds. The traffic had been never so bad before. After waiting hopelessly for nearly half an hour for the traffic to get clear, I finally decided to walk the 20 minutes distance that would land me to my destination. I hurried through the roads breaking all the signals and traffic rules almost. After all I was late!!!…
To a punctuality freak like me being late by half an hour was the most serious crime one can ever commit. However when I reached there I was fully drenched still I managed to make myself as presentable as possible while i did all this and rang the bell the tiny drops of water from my dress felt on the ground and made the floor slippery just to gift me a tremendous fall on the doorsteps of my work place the very first day! and not very surprisingly the same thing happened and I closed my eyes thinking that I would have a hard fall now but to my surprise I landed up falling on the arms of someone, grabbing his t-shirt I pulled him closer to me ‘accidentally’.
When I opened my eyes , I forgot all my work pressure, the decorum, the surroundings and got lost into the world of those deep intense eyes which were looking at me so intensely as if finding an answer of any unknown question. His hands grabbed me in a way in his arms as if giving me the hope that he would never let me fall. Now along with my body my heart was also drenched in the rain of love that his eyes showered the moment he saw me and I also couldn’t resist myself from adoring him.
While thinking all this I finally reached in the midst of the ocean where he was still waiting for me keeping a firm smile on his face as if he knew that I would come to save him. I held his hands tightly, tighter was his grip on mine, surpassing all the hurdles and turmoil I brought him onto the land, then I slowly freed my hands from his and started walking on the path alone because I could not walk the entire Journey with him. As the journey was the journey of life and the ocean was the ocean of failures from where I saved my student, five years younger to me. In the hope of seeing him one day excelling in his path of life, I started walking on my path of life which was separated from his. Through this delicate and precious experience,which I gained, I learned that we cannot control the feelings that develop in our heart for someone, but we can surely control ourselves. After all, the ‘choice’ rests in our hands at the end of the day.
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