The Mystery of Love
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On a summer evening in June, Kelly, a forty six year old single mother of two, yelled from the bottom of the staircase in their house, “Johnny,
can you and your sister come downstairs for a couple of minutes, I have a question for you two." Johnny yelled back, “Sure mom," as he was walking to his sister's room. When he got to his sister's room he said, “Hey Katie, mom wants
us to go downstairs, she said that she has a question for us." Both Johnny and Katie walked
down the stairs together very suspiciously. When they both reached the bottom of the stairs Katie called out to her mother. Her mother came out from the kitchen with sandwiches for lunch and
into the living room to give both of them their sandwiches.
After Kelly sat down on the living room couch, both of the kids blurted out at the same time, "Are we in trouble mom?" Their mother laughed
while starting to say, "No. I just wanted to ask if you two wanted to go to Fireman's Beach for the
day." Katie said, "Yes" before her mother even finished her sentence. However, Johnny looked at Katie as if she was out her mind and then he
said "No mom, it is way too cold to go." Kelly then had said that because it was a tie that they
were now going to have to do 'rock, paper, scissors' to see what they would be doing. "So now whoever wins the challenge gets to say
what we are going to be doing. Get ready, get set, go." Katie and Johnny had both said, "rock paper scissors shoot." Johnny's hand made a fist
for 'rock' and Katie's hand was flat for paper, which then she put her hand on her brother's fist to say paper lays on a rock. Kelly then asked Katie, "Just to make sure, you do want to go to the beach, right." Katie replied excited, "Yes
mom, swimming is what I want to do." After that she went back upstairs to her room to change into her swimming suit. Johnny rolled his eyes because he was beyond mad at his sister. Kelly saw Johnny's eyes roll and then yelled at
him, "Now Johnny since your sister won the challenge she decided that we were going to go swimming. You do not have to swim if you do
not want to, however, you do need to come with us though." He sighed as he stomped his way up the stairs to his room to put his swimming trunks
on. Then, Kelly went upstairs to get her bikini on and pack a bag to take with them. Kelly knew that she had to put sunscreen, three beach
towels, a few bottles of water, and three trash bags to put on the car seats when they are going back to their house so that they do not get
the car seats wet at all. After she got her suit on and packed the bag of items that they needed to take with them she went back downstairs.
When she got downstairs Johnny and Katie were standing there. Katie had a bathrobe over her suit and Johnny had a Hawaiian shirt on and his swimming trunks. Kelly asked them both if they were ready. Katie had said, "Yes," very excitedly
while Johnny had said, "I guess," in a sarcastic way. Kelly had told Johnny to cheer up a little.
Then the three of them were on their way to the beach. About thirty minutes or so later they were at the
beach. Katie jumped out of the car very excitedly and ran out to the sand to feel the warmth. Two minutes later, Kelly asked Katie if
she was happy. Katie stated, "Mom I am very much more than happy." Kelly then said to Katie, “I am glad to hear that. Now go have fun." Katie
thanked her mother again as she ran out toward the shore.
About three and a half hours later Katie came out of the water to go to get her beach towel from the picnic table where the bag was. As she
looked up she saw an unfamiliar man sitting with her mother. As she started to get closer to the two of them she then noticed that they were kissing. She ran over to the table but made sure that her mother did not see her. About ninety
seconds later she had said her mother's name.
Kelly was startled because she did not know that Katie was sitting behind her on the other side of
the picnic table. Kelly started acting all weird as if she didn't know who the guy next to her was or why he was even sitting there. Katie knew
that what she was going to do was not going to be polite but she did it anyway. Katie started yelling at her mother, “I saw you two 'lovebirds'
kissing a few minutes ago, so mom you know who this man is because if you did not know who he is then why did you kiss him." “Alright
Katie, you caught me. This is Edward Jacobson,"
said Kelly. “Hi, Katie. It is a pleasure to meet you," Edward said to Katie. “Hi Mr. Jacobson.
Wait, so why were you two kissing then," Katie asked her mother. “Oh honey, both Edward and I experienced something significant known as love at first sight," Kelly said. “What does love at first
sight mean mom," Katie asked Kelly. “Well, love at first sight is something very significant that happens when two people, usually a man and a
woman, look at each other sometimes at the same time and just by looking at the other person you fall in love. For example, I looked at Edward and just by looking at him I fell in love
with him, so he came over to talk to me because he saw me looking at him. Does that make any
sense Katie?" Kelly explained to her daughter.
“Yeah mom. I think I got it now. I am going to go back into the water now. See you in a little bit," Katie told her mother.
After Katie went back into the water, Kelly said to Edward, “Hey I have an idea, why don't you come over tonight for dinner. We are having
cheeseburgers and homemade french fries for our main course, and then ice cream sundaes with french vanilla ice cream, with choices of:
hot fudge, caramel, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and chocolate oreo cookies. What do you say, do you want to
join us or not?" “Oh, that does sound like a great meal, if you want me to I can come Kelly. I just need to know what the address is and your
phone number in case I do happen to get lost trying to find your house," replied Edward in a joyful manner. Kelly said quite enthusiastically
“Ok, our address is 2839 South Street, Meadville, Pennsylvania, 16335, and my phone number is
1-234-567-8910 I will see you later, dinner is at seven o'clock. The kids and I have to get going now though."
Kelly yelled out, “Johnny, Katie, come on now we have to go." Once the three of them got to the
car, Kelly laid out the trash bags, and then they left to go, and Kelly told the two kids that Edward was coming over for dinner. Both Johnny
and Katie were very happy about Edward coming over for dinner that night. About 6:30 Edward called the number Kelly had given him, when the phone rang, Katie yelled from the living room, “Don't worry, I will get it mom," because she knew that her mother was cooking the hamburgers for dinner. When Katie answered the
phone, she knew just by listening to the voice that it was Edward. Edward had said after Katie answered the phone, “Oh, hello Katie, can you tell your mother that I am on my way and that I just left my house please." “I will tell her that for
you, alright we will see you in a little bit Mr. Jacobson. Bye." Just as Katie went to end the call, Edward had said, “Oh, one more thing, just
call me Edward alright Katie?" Katie said surprised, “Alright Edward." After Katie hung up the phone, she went to put a beautiful dark blue
dress on. About twenty minutes or so after Edward had called to say that he was on the way a sky blue van pulled into the driveway. When
Katie saw the car she ran excitedly to her mother to let her know that he was there. When the doorbell rang Katie got even more excited
and told her mother that she would get the door for her mother so that she would be able to get the table set and the food on the table. When
Katie answered the door, Edward was standing there in a nice suit. Katie welcomed him in and
asked him what he would like to drink with dinner. He had asked Katie what the options were and what drink she recommended was the best. Katie had said to Edward, “Well, we have pepsi, coke, whole milk, and water. However, I recommend the pepsi," Katie said to Edward. And so they had dinner, then dessert, and Edward stayed after dinner because Katie and Johnny wanted to play a game on their Wii. Edward stayed at their house until eleven o'clock that
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