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The dream left me that tingly feeling for a couple of days, I just couldn't forget it.
I've been single for a couple of years now, and although that's not a big deal, it does mean that every now and then I'll create this fantasy stories in my head that will obviously never happen, but they help me sleep sometimes. And so I began making up these stories about me and a teacher in this happy life before going to sleep, all because of that one dream. This went on for longer than I'd like to admit.
I woke up in the middle of the night this time. Weird dream in an apocalyptic world with lots of chaos. Yet that was not what woke me. It was you.
We were in front of a doorway with many people coming in and out, and there you were on the other side. I took two fast steps towards you and without hesitation I hugged you, and so we hugged , and we kissed, and we were so happy for what seemed ages. Then I woke up. You left me with a confusing feeling for a while. It had been so long since I'd last seen you, let alone talk to you, and there you were interrupting my dreams. I didn't know how to feel.
We went to school together, took a few classes, hung out on the weekends, went to parties and some road trips. Friends. Nothing more than friends; or at least I thought. You are older than me, not two-three years older, but nine years older, there was the most probable case that you saw me like a little sister, I was still coming out of my teens while you were already in you late twenties. Again friends. Still I won't lie and say it didn't cross my mind about dating you, I found you appealing and most importantly you were simply great in everything, I liked you for how you were, but I disregarded my thoughts right away. Just friends.
I graduated and we all had many celebration parties, goodbye parties, dinners, and long talks about keeping in touch and all that good stuff. On the very last day, the day before I was leaving you came to say the final goodbye. We spoke about keeping in touch, wishing the best of luck for both of us, there were lots of hugs and just one more little thing. One more unexpected thing. A kiss. You kissed me. You stole a kiss. A. Kiss. From. You. I was dumbfounded, shocked, confused, breathless, all at the same time. But I had to play it cool, so I hugged you and told you how much I was going to miss you. And we never spoke of it again.
So this dream I had about you refreshened my memory about things about you. The kiss. Our conversations. Our adventures. Many things about you, but one thing stood out the most about the things I remembered. You once told me on the beginning of our friendship what your first college degree and your first job was. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe I had overlooked that. You were what I'd been looking for for so long.
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