The uncertainties of love

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She loved him more than she thought she did. She let him lead but little did he know that all along she was molding him. Not once did she let him feel insecure of his shortcomings, she aroused the fire in him to do better, to be better.
Don’t get me wrong, she was not trying to change him into the man of her dreams. He was that man already. All she did was awaken the dormant potential within him which he himself was unaware of. All along she worked like a catalyst clearing the path for him, her words galvanizing him to achieve more, never realizing that her life was so intertwined with his that she had somewhere lost sight of her ambitions. But that did not bother her, she was with the man she loved ,his happiness was hers. But it seemed like fate had something else in store.
He wanted her to believe in what he thought was right. To believe in his religion, in his god . At first she considered this a passing phase, she let it go. But he remained adamant. His stubbornness hurt her. She was confused torn between her own beliefs and his. Was this what love meant? to give up oneself completely ?She had given him her all , let him in, stood by him, loved him, depended on him but that wasn’t enough. She loved him to the moon and back but what he asked for was something that would change her into something she did not believe in. Something she was not and she couldn’t fake faith. So she let go and he didn’t stop her which added salt to her wounds.
She believed that someday he would accept her for who she was. Days turned into months, months turned into years but he remained the same. Even her love could not change his opinion. She was broken beyond repair. Her world had fallen apart . Her first love , the only man she had ever been with did not understand how she felt. Still she could not get herself to blame him as that was how he was bought up she said. It was not his fault. Who could go against the forces of nature? Fate had won. It was time for acceptance. To treasure all those wonderful memories and move on like it never happened. It wasn’t going to be easy but there was no choice. At least, not now. Anger, regret, hurt, and self -destruction were just few of the emotions that would spring up from time to time. Their love was an anachronism, it was just wrong timing. Maybe it would have worked if they were more mature individuals, more settled in life, and had a better understanding of how things work. Life is full of maybe, hopefully, probably, possibly. But through all this there is always a lesson hidden somewhere ,make sure to find it!!
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