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The Uncommon Love Story

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Robert woke up looked at himself in the mirror. A slender, 16 year old guy with big brown eyes and glasses. After finishing dressing, he walked around the mansion for a while, observing the expensive paints of her mother.
It was time to go to school. He didn't want to. His mother drive him to the school entrance and in the moment he got out of the car, she was gone.
Another day at the California High School. It was always the same, Robert payed attention in class, he ate alone in the cafeteria, didn't talk to anybody and in the afternoon he walked home by himself.
When he got home he realized it wasn't going to be a normal day because something really suspicious was happening. There were several black Land Rovers parked on the street near his house. He couldn't do anything or tell anybody because his mother would come home late in the night and his father abandoned them when he was just four years old. The memories of his father and the small things that Robert remembered about him were buzzed quickly through his head. He was tired and didn't wanted to think about his past so he put his pajama on and went to sleep.
Robert woke up but this time all choked up. In his dreams somebody was screaming. He was having nightmares again, or that's what he thought. He started looking for his mother all around the house but she was nowhere to be found. Her car was in the garage so she should be somewhere. A quick anonymous call was the answer. The scream didn't came from the nightmare, it was his mother. Suddenly the silent room was full of loud policeman trying to find clues.
This did not only mean that there could be a chance he would never see his mother again. It also meant he had to live with his father until the case was solved.
The first night, Robert spent in his Father's house was depressing. The man didn't talk to his son and didn't show any interest about his ex-wife kidnap. Robert knew that he wouldn't survive more than two days like that, so he started searching for clues where to find his mother.
"The call" Robert whispered, "I just need money."
3,000,000$ was the amount of money he needed to safe his loved mom. Robert's family was rich so it wasn't a problem. That same night, he sneaked out of his father's house and went to the mansion. The door was closed but, his mother always hid a key under a flower pot. Once inside the house, he went downstairs to basement where his mother kept her safe.The password wasn't a problem neither, she always used his birthday as the code. Robert packed immediately the stacks of cash in his backpack.He left the house like it was untouched and ran back to his father's house and sneaked to his room. The next day he skipped school and went to storage the kidnapper told him to go, but on his way a group of classmates saw and bullied him. They tried to take his backpack away but Robert escaped before they succeeded. He saw his watch. It was 12:00, he just had a half an hour. It was enough time to get to the storage. It took him two bus drives to get to a alley, where he should find a man, that would tell him where his mother were.
Nobody was there, but at the end of the street, he saw something covered with a white blanket lying on the floor. Robert ran to it and when he took the blanket off he saw his mother but this time not smiling but stone cold dead.
When Robert got home crying, his father already knew what happened last night. He had changed because this time he started taking care of his only son. Robert live got better ache day because he got the brotherly love he never had.
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