To love you
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When you miss someone.
And for a fraction of a second I could taste them, I could feel your lips brushing against mine, Even at a far away distance, But what else could that be but a dream, for your lips are foreign and sacred. Only would dreaming could get me as close to you to kiss you, to feel you, to love you. When the love can't be.
And so here I am, lonely and broken hearted. Alone in this void where I do nothing else but miss you constantly. I love you and I know you love me, yet this thing can't be.Not now but I hope with all my heart that soon we'll be reunited.
We were made to be with each other enjoying every second together. I took confort in your love, you were who fueled me to fly. You are my first true love. Every choice I make will be to get close to you. But will you be there for me when I arrive?
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